Facial Sheet Mask Review: My Beauty Diary – Apple Polyphenol Mask

My Beauty Diary Apple Polyphenol Mask

My Beauty Diary: Apple Polyphenol Mask

This facial sheet mask is not one that I bought but one that a friend gave me years ago.  I put it in my stash of sheet masks and finally took it out to try (before it expires XD).

This Apple Polyphenol Mask sheet mask is from the Taiwanese “My Beauty Diary” brand.  Since I didn’t purchase this sheet mask by myself, I don’t know what the packaging or box actually looks like if you were to buy it from a store.  This single packet is a light green colour, foreshadowing the Granny Smith apple smell of the sheet mask itself.  The plastic pouch is otherwise nondescript and small and compact.  I love these sizes because they’re cute, easy to travel with, and uses less plastic.

The sheet mask instructions include putting the sheet mask sheet on the face for 20 to 30 minutes.  The sheet mask has 23 ml of essence.

The ingredients that I was familiar with in the list include aloe barbadensis leaf juice (for moisturizing), lemon peel extract, apple fruit extract, and some various root and leaf extracts.

My Beauty Diary Apple Polyphenol Mask

Back of the packet

The first thing I noticed about this sheet mask was definitely the refreshing apple scent.  It is also one of those sheet masks that contain a plastic film for you to separate the sheet mask easily.  The fragrance smelled so nice!  I can see why my friend recommended me this brand and flavour.  She claimed that My Beauty Diary was one of her favourite sheet mask brands.

The essence was a bit thin and watery in consistency.  There was enough of it to go onto the face and neck afterwards.  I also noticed that the chin part of the mask was especially drenched with essence that a lot of it dripped downwards to my neck.  Most essence from sheet masks don’t drip from the chin area to the neck.

When I removed the sheet mask after about an hour, the sheet was damp and the essence had thoroughly soaked into my skin.  I liked this sheet mask for the smell mostly.

(The Apple Polyphenol Mask must be discontinued because I don’t see it anymore on the My Beauty Diary website under their products.)

This is the second sheet mask I’ve tried from the My Beauty Diary brand.  The first one was the Aloe Vera mask blogged about here.


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