Week 45 Postpartum

Baby feet

Baby feet

Week 45: 

  • July 30: She can tilt her head to the other side now! To her left side finally 😀
  • She’s good at knowing when to eat when we give her food.
  • Her second bottom tooth is coming in!! It’s to the left of the first one she has.
  • She’s even better at standing now and can hold herself up without assistance for a few seconds.. but I get afraid she’s going to fall.
  • July 31: Only finally got my second period since giving birth! I wonder if it’s because my circulation is kicked back into force after three weekly reflexology sessions? Happy to have my cycle back again.
  • Bb enjoys eating. She had oodles of noodles and knows to put the food into her mouth when we give it to her. I wonder when food will overtake her milk consumption.
  • She visited her grandparents for the second time in their abode. She wasn’t as fearful this time and didn’t have the leaning back body language like last time. She warmed up faster than last time but still cried when someone other than me and DH wanted to hold her.
  • Aug 3: She can hold onto a surface and slowly lower herself down to the floor! 😀 I was waiting for this to happen. This means that while she is in the play pen, she won’t injure herself if she falls since she has learned how to lower herself.

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