Week 44 Postpartum

44 weeks postpartum:

  • Bb can wave now on command!
  • She loves standing and walking
  • She is so curious about many things around her. She’ll hold a new item and flip it back and forth in her hand to study and analyze it. For this reason, I can give her anything and she’ll “play” with it. But certain objects have more “playability” than others. She’ll hold a small keychain flashlight and “play” with it with no issue (she doesn’t know how to turn on the light).ย 
  • She still randomly claps sometimes but whenever I say “yay” or “ho yeah”, she starts clapping lol. She knows
  • She attended her first bday bash this weekend, her grandma’s bday. She got to interact with her older cousin and relatives for the first time in another abode. She cried nonstop when someone tried to hold her. I was told she has excellent eye contact for her age. She unfortunately threw up after eating some millet congee and breastmilk from crying too much and being passed around like a doll..
  • She puts up a serious fight when we put on her diaper and clothes these days. We put on her diaper with her standing up as she’ll roll over and sit up and stand up.
  • Scored another tub of formula and this time for free. A fellow foodie mom’s baby didn’t like the formula after just two scoops, so the mom decided to give it away. Yay, free formula. ๐Ÿ˜€ So gratefulย 
  • While in her play pen, she likes to look at the TV screen but we don’t let her.
  • Watching the Olympics in the living room while pumping is the best these days!! No need to arch neck down and sit in a bad position. Get to catch up on the missed events or live events.
  • She is mobile now so in the mornings when I’m the only one looking after her and I’m in the bathroom washing up and getting ready for the day, she will crawl into the bathroom and wait around for me. She had her little hands on my pant legs. It’s only this age where they are so clingy and adorable like that.
  • Funny to see her “follow” me around too. Again, when she grows up, she won’t follow me around like this.
  • She knew how to flip the page from right to left when I was reading to her. She flipped at the right spot too when I had finished the page.
  • She likes walking across her crib from one end to another while holding the slates. She also likes to stand at the corner of the crib and look out at her room like it’s some kind of viewing point. XD

About stenoodie

I'm a stenographer, foodie, avid traveller, and new mom who loves to share her experiences with the world.
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2 Responses to Week 44 Postpartum

  1. gchan7127 says:

    “She knew how to flip the page from right to left when I was reading to her. She flipped at the right spot too when I had finished the page.”

    So smart!

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