Week 46 postpartum

breastmilk in front of the TV

Pumping while watching the Summer Olympics 2021

Week 46:

  • Aug 5. She was able to hold onto grandma’s hand and take two small steps forward!! This girl is going to be walking soon.
  • Aug 11: So many things to update on..
  • Firstly, since last week, I’ve been trying to pump less. I’m aiming for 3 times a day only. I’m starting to want to wean. It’ll be nice to not have to pump soon and my mom won’t have to help me wash pump parts either.
  • Supply is about 450ml daily now.
  • Bb is eating more now!! She can intake more.
  • She has developed a smile and smirk. She squints her eyes and smiles lol. It’s so cute.
  • She has two bottom teeth and a small speck of white on her top gums. I guess that’s why she’s eating more and faster now.
  • She crawls quickly and follows me around. When pumping one time with her in the room, she crawled up to me and stood by my knees hovering around and wanting to pull things off my pumping station.
  • She stands all the time now. She stands holding onto the playpen sides. She’s even put her feet into the playpen holes and tried to climb up. She cried when she knew she was stuck 🤣.
  • She learned to sit down by herself after standing up!!! Huge skill so now I don’t have to worry she’ll fall and hit her head.
  • When she does fall these days, she doesn’t make a big deal out of it or cry anymore.
  • Brought her to a sunflower farm. She was all right but the sun was a bit much. Extra milk for hydration and a sun hat for protection.
  • She can be good or fussy during car rides. Rode to Mississauga for the first time this weekend and she fell asleep on the way there but was super fussy and cried on the trip driving back until the area around her eyes and forehead were all red. :/
  • Road trips are still questionable since she’s so unpredictable, never mind actual trips.
  • She talks so much. Her favourite thing to utter this week is “a la” or “a da!” to the point I think she calls/refers to me as “a la”.🤣 She did say “nai nai” a few times when it was almost time for milk so perhaps she knows it means milk and to ask for it now?
  • She definitely prefers me over her dad or grandma. She tends to be more calm and cry less when I’m with her.
  • I let her play by herself and supervise. I like to observe and watch her. I’m trying to teach her colours and numbers but no real learning shown on her part yet.
  • Been talking to friends about daycare options. She would be missing out if she didn’t have preschool experience, so it’s just a matter of time and more research and once the conditions are more safe in a post-COVID world that it would even be implemented.
  • Now that the summer Olympics are done, I’m back to pumping upstairs and going on social media on my phone. I have to say that I’d never watched as much Olympics as I have had for this year. I’ve never spent so much time at home to get the chance to watch it plus the fact that I was able to pump while watching the events. It was great!
  • Hotter weather means shortsleeve onesies all day every day.
  • It’s been hot and muggy so no daily walks recently.
  • Haven’t had a huge appetite so been cutting down on carbs. That could be another reason why my supply is diminishing. As another IG influencer described it, it’s a fine balance during postpartum to want to lose weight but needing to eat enough to be able to produce breastmilk. But oh well, like she says, we have all lifetime to work out. Our babies (and being able to produce breastmilk) come first since this season of life is so short.
  • Bb still likes to tilt her head to the right and look at me and then smile.
  • So vocal when we leave the room. She can’t be left alone otherwise she’ll cry out and complain.
  • She can hold the railing of the playpen (or crib) and walk along it.
  • She can stand on her own for about 2 seconds.
  • She likes practising walking. She’ll reach out for my hand and then walk towards me (and then smirk).
  • The robot vaccuum is still the best purchase this year. No need to sweep the floor; the robot does it all for me.
  • She can stand up anywhere even in the stroller when we had put her there for few seconds..
  • Sometimes she claps randomly for no reason.
  • She can wave “hello” to us. I’m trying to teach her to wave “goodbye” as well.
  • She does one nap now…. that nap is about 2 hrs long. Sometimes can be 1.5 hrs or 2.5 hrs (the best).

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