Week 47 Postpartum

clear skies and white clouds

First 1.5 hour road trip to Peterborough with baby

Week 47 pp: 

  • Aug 15: 12hrs 23 min longest period of time I went without pumping… it wasn’t like I output a lot either. About 180ml or so. 
  • Aug 16: We did a short road trip with her to Peterborough over the weekend for the first time. The trip was 1 hour 40 minutes. She was a tad hungry and so 10 minutes into the ride, she started crying nonstop. She could have slept if she had had some milk. So we pulled over to a small safe spot and fed her and consoled her. She fell asleep almost immediately afterwards. It was a good 1 hr nap for her afterwards and she woke up just as we arrived and parked.
  • She had her second dine-in experience! Vegan restaurant in Peterborough :). We called ahead of time (as we had parked) to give the restaurant our order (wrote out what we wanted on a slip of paper) and told the restaurant we would arrive in 10 minutes. They were able to get the order started for us and within arriving at the restaurant, the food was on our table within 5 minutes. Best idea ever. Saves time on not having our infant wait around at the table for too long. 
  • She sat in the IKEA high chair for the first time that the restaurant had for her. Sanitized too. I understand why so many parents buy this economical high chair ($15). It is so simple in design but works really well. If we ever need a second high chair at our home, I’d buy this in a heartbeat. I’ve even seen people sell theirs secondhand/gently used on Facebook marketplace for just $5. Such a steal!
  • Bb liked the vegan mac and cheese which I fed to her cut in half. She had a taste of the vegan tomato sauce for the mozzarella sticks too as well as some of the vegan fish from the fish tacos. Amazing restaurant (Nateure’s Plate).
  • She was pretty good. We were there for an hour and 20 minutes. She first was in the stroller car seat, then out in the IKEA high chair, and then daddy and grandma held her. None of the staff came up to say hi or play with her so no tears or fuss from her.
  • On the way coming home, she was so extremely fussy. She cried for probably 30 minutes even though we made pit stops along the way. She was tired and couldn’t fall asleep again in the car. Poor baby. 
  • I’m pumping about two or three times a day now. The output average per day now is just about 380 to 400ml. It might be time to quit soon or at least start weaning but as summer ends and we’ll be back indoors more often again and I have more time to pump, I could continue.. It’s a back and forth desire to want to continue pumping versus weaning. I want her to get as much nourishment and antibodies from my breastmilk as possible but yet I’d like to have my breasts relieved of this duty too. I’d like to lose a little extra weight, get a full body massage, sleep on my stomach without worrying I’d get mastitis.. 
  • She sleeps better now with one or two wake ups a night. The other night, she has a really bad nightmare or night terror of some sort. I heard her scream and cry suddenly so loudly. It took all three of us taking turns to try to console her. She was jerked awake and had piercing cries.
  • She eats more and more each week. She still only has 2 bottom teeth (and she’ll be 11 months this week!!!!). Her top tooth is coming in though. She’s been drooling a bit more again and she likes to chew and bite on things. She loves sucking the tail of the Minnie Mouse plushie that she has. We had to wash the tail one time since it was sticky from her sucking on it..
  • She has been pointing with her index finger as of last week! 
  • Also as of last week, she holds the bottle when she drinks sometimes but I don’t let her actually hold it on her own. The reason being is that after she has finished drinking, she likes to flick the bottle away. I don’t want the breastmilk to be spilled in any way so I’d rather still hold the bottle for her. My breastmilk is too precious to have her fling around the bottle like that. Even if it’s forumla, I’d rather not have the bottle fall to the ground where it’d dirty the bottle nipple anyway.
  • She really likes crawling to me when I’m pumping and hanging out at my side. She’ll grab my knee and push herself up. But then she’ll be curious and want to touch my bottle and wires and the items on top of the pumping station, which is a no no. So usually someone will take her away lol.
  • She has been enjoying watching the street views with daddy. They’ll hang out at the window and watch people or cars coming by on our relatively quiet street. She enjoys it though.
  • She expresses more reaction when I read her books now. It’s like she actually understands the context or storyline of the book now. It’s fascinating. Also not sure if I mentioned it yet but last week or the previous one, she knows to turn the pages of the book. She intently looks at the pictures now too.
  • It’s so great that she knows how to sit herself back down now to the floor after standing up. It’s a relief for me to know she knows how to get down after standing up so I don’t have to hover over her in case she falls.
  • When DH and I leave the house and come back and I’ll go “Hi baby!”, when she is with grandma at the top of the chairs, she’ll scream in excitement and smile as she recognizes we are back home. It’s so cute. She also let out screams of excitement when she saw us from the upstairs window and we were in the driveway. 🥰😁
  • She cried when the robot vacuum bumped into her lol.
  • She likes to eat her toes.
  • She has been great at falling asleep during our strolls. She holds onto the stroller tray part and watches the world intently. Then she falls asleep in the stroller while still holding onto the bar lol. Good time for her to have a quick nap before dinnertime.
  • She loves eating the meltable star-shaped rice snacks. But she sometimes misses and the snacks get embedded into her bib or the floor.
  • It’s been so convenient to have her wear sort sleeve onesies all the time now. Soon when the weather cools, she’ll be back in long sleeve onesies again. 🤣
  • She is getting heavier to hold! Haven’t weighed her lately but should do so soon.
  • Her poops are solid yet mushy and soft. No more liquid poops like when she was younger! She goes regularly every day or every other day. 
  • DH is an expert at knowing when she has pooped lol. He smells it before anyone else.
  • She loves walking with our assistance. She can use the wooden walker and “walk” down the hallway. By “walking”, I mean us holding her armpits while she takes a step one by one. 
  • She’s been doing a yoga downward dog pose. It seems she wants to start standing soon.
  • She’s so lean and not chubby or has baby rolls at all. 🤷🏻‍♀️
  • Now that society is opening up again and things are normalizing more and more, I wonder when infants will be able to get a COVID-19 vaccine. Adults who are fully vaccinated are fine to go out and do their thing, but babies and young children below 12 are still vulnerable and at risk to the virus, especially the more contagious and life-threatening Delta variant. I’m still wary about “risky” events and behaviours like socializing with others not from the same household, indoor public events, dining out, being unmasked in an indoor area for extended periods of time, crowds, etc. 
  • Aug 18:  A few times this week, she actually only woke up once at night for a feed. Yay! But she is still a consistently poor sleeper for the most part..
  • This also started last week already but when we tell her “no” to not do something, she still does it. It’s like she doesn’t listen or understand.
  • She has a bad habit of hitting us in the mouth or wanting to grab our mouths.. She won’t listen to just a “no”.
  • Opened up a bag of Mega Bloks for her to play with. She doesn’t know yet how to play with it.
  • She’s 17.8kg, the same as what she weighed on July 31. 😒 I’m concerned she’s not gaining weight even though she feels heavier, head is bigger. Hopefully she eats more before her 1 yr old checkup.
  • She shrieks and screams in excitement. 
  • Pushed her backwards while standing in the stroller seat and she loved it. Laughed so hard and enjoyed it so much.

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