Week 48 Postpartum – brushing teeth, independent wooden walker use

One bag of frozen breastmilk in a box

Last bag of frozen breastmilk

Week 48:

  • Aug 19: To this day we have not sleep trained our babe. We don’t agree with the CIO method.
  • Just saw this post and it’s worth saving and sharing:  https://m.facebook.com/littlesparklers.org/posts/thanks-but-no-thanksby-conscionable-careback-up-the-truck-please-repeat-lets-be-/294717241912348/
  • No judgment against those who did CIO to train their babe, but it is not something we wanted to do.
  • Aug 22: She had her last frozen bag of breastmilk yesterday!! It was dated Jan 18. My very last frozen stash. We took a picture to commemorate it. :’) Now we have more freezer space again lol.
  • She “ran” (sped walked) up and down the hallway yesterday with the wooden walker. She laughed and had so much fun. This little girl is a thrill seeker. She likes fast and likes to bump into things. When the walker bumped into things, she giggled lol.
  • She loves exploring things around her. Household objects are her favourite things to play with.
  • She does favour two stuffies though: minnie mouse and a bean bag turtle.
  • She is growing so fast! Seems there is more and more to write each week about her development.
  • Her daily naps are usually 1.5 to 2 hours long. It’s pretty good. She doesn’t get too cranky after dropping the second nap as she did previously.
  • We brushed her teeth today for the very first time!! DH got her a baby tooth and gum cleaner from Amazon. You slip it on your finger and brush your little one’s teeth! For this very first time, we opted for brushing without the cleansing gel.
  • To my surprise, she liked the brushing a lot!! She didn’t cry or exclaim when I put the brush in her mouth. I wiggled it around her two bottom teeth and heard the brushing sound against her teeth. So cute.
  • Aug 25: She started to walk with the wooden Walker all by herself!! I let go of assisting her and she was able to stand and walk with it. 😀 She will be walking very soon! We still need to get and install a gate for the stairs!!
  • She loves brushing teeth so much. She hasn’t cried or complained at all. So proud of her. 😀
  • Her poops are regular these days; once a day or every other day. 🙂
  • We are teaching her how to “high five”, shake hands, and wave bye. She already knows how to clap and wave “hi” well.
  • Even as of last week, she has figured out how to turn on the TV by pressing the red button on the remote controller. 😂
  • She likes to remove all the clean diapers from the diaper caddy, throw all the clothes and blankets to the floor, take out all the socks from the box. She throws things out easily. Now that she’s learned how to remove things from a box, when will she learn how to put them back? 🤔
  • We disassembled her pack-n-play and removed it from the living room. No point in putting her in such an enclosure anymore. She likes to stand and walk. Same thing for the exersaucer. She won’t want to sit in it to play but she’ll use it to hold herself up and walking alongside it.
  • She really likes the “Good night. I love you” book by Church too. Her other fave is the “My Book of Feelings” and the “I Am So Brave” and “Not a Box”.
  • She’s not a fan of the book on Chinese Lunar New Year.
  • Scored a $2 wooden puzzle from Facebook marketplace :D.
  • Been feeling bouts of anxiety and anxiousness lately.. not sure why. I also have been getting headaches on the right side of my head. I find I need to destress more, recharge alone.
  • Aug. 25: Oh, and on Tuesday, we ordered Indian food takeout and I gave her some curried cauliflower. My mistake as it was spicy and while the first bite was okay, the next one had more curry. Poor bb was feeling the heat. She stuck out her long pointy tongue and cried. XD
  • She likes to hand us things like a pair or sunglasses to wear. If I wear it and then put it down, she picks it up again and hands it to me to wear. Repeat 10x

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2 Responses to Week 48 Postpartum – brushing teeth, independent wooden walker use

  1. gchan7127 says:

    LOLOL “She likes to hand us things like a pair or sunglasses to wear. If I wear it and then put it down, she picks it up again and hands it to me to wear. Repeat 10x”

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