Week 53 – 1-year-old checkup, first word, starting dairy

baby's one-year-old shots

Getting baby’s one-year-old shots

Week 53: 

  • Sept 29: So many thoughts to dump out this week!!!
  • First of all, I need a better title going forward. I counted from week 0 to week 52 basically and I think it’s ridiculous to keep going beyond one year. But at this moment, I am at a loss of what to name these weekly blog posts chronicling my thoughts as a mom to a one-year-old. Should I just put the date instead? But it’ll show nothing about how old the child is.. If I continue counting, it’s not necessarily postpartum weeks much more any longer.. what to do..
  • Anyway, back to the post: I had wanted to dump out all my thoughts of this week’s happenings since Thursday but just didn’t catch a break since I was trying to complete a 5.45 hour transcript. It’s all done now and I can finally sleep “early” tonight 😏
  • Last Thursday, she had her one-year-old doctor’s visit!! Yay!!! We were not well prepared for this visit 😦
  • The appointment was at 12pm but we failed to arrive 15 minutes earlier so that she could be weighed and measured. The nurse didn’t remind us of this and we totally forgot. :/
  • DH was allowed inside the room this time. Yay!!!
  • Baby wasn’t able to sit on the scale as she wouldn’t stay still so DH held her as he stepped on the scale together and then him alone in order to get the difference. I was flabbergasted when DH tried to take off his backpack during the second weigh in that I forgot to take a photo of the second weight. And the nurse didn’t tell me what it was either….
  • I forgot to jot down any questions I wanted to ask the pediatrician… I felt so rushed and flustered that any question I might have had just dissipated out of my head. The lack of sleep this week did not help either.
  • Last time, we had prepared by tallying up the milk totals she ingested daily and was ready to present it to the pediatrician if he asked. This time, I didn’t even think he would ask because he didn’t last time and so I didn’t even think of adding them up. Guess what he asked us this time. 🤦🏻‍♀️
  • He said she’s growing well and lining up nicely on her growth chart. Yay. She’s 50th percentile again. He said she was a little under when she was born but now she’s reached right up to the 50 percentile line. Awesome.
  • Things he asked us: if she has started to say “mama/ papa”. Yes. 
  • Can she stand for a few seconds. Yes
  • When the pediatrician asked us how much milk she currently drinks, I paused. DH said 90ml, which is about an average. She can drink from 60 to 100ml on average. When the ped asked how often, DH said every 2 hours… I was like.. 🤦🏻‍♀️. It’s more like every 3 to 4 hours now. Even the ped was surprised. He quickly told us that at her age now she should get 250 to 300ml each session and at 3 times a day as she transitions to solid food meals more and more.
  • He said her diet is all off now, no restrictions on food! So she can eat dairy, honey, peanuts, seafood, etc. Yay.
  • He said to now transition her to homo milk, 3%, the red bag ones. He said we can finish up any formula we have too. I was surprised about this. 
  • He asked if we were brushing her teeth. Yes. He said when she has 8 to 12 teeth, then we need toothpaste with her brushing. She currently has 2 bottom teeth. The top 2 and ones around her bottom 2 are coming in.
  • I said she doesn’t have a lot of patience to eat and he said to give her less milk so she’ll rely on food to be full. Otherwise, solids will seem more of a hobby than a thing that fills her up.
  • She got 3 shots!! All in the arms this time instead of thighs. Two on her left and one on her right side. The first needle apparently isn’t one to hurt, the second one hurts, and the third one hurts the most
  • I had to hold her arm down as the nurse sanitized the injection spot and readied the needle. Bb didn’t cry until a few seconds after the first shot. She kept crying through the second and then cried harder during the third. Poor baby.
  • Funny thing as when the nurse was done and left the room, bb stopped crying immediately and was calm.
  • The pediatrician told us it was likely she would get a fever this time so to ready the baby tylenol (she ended up being fine with no fever. Yay!)
  • Next pediatrician visit will be at her 15 months in December just before Christmas. 
  • I have to call the pediatrician to make a phone call appointment to ask my questions and I’m curious about her weight too. I’ve been putting it off.. really don’t like speaking on the phone about these things as it’s another chore but I should nip the bud and do it instead of procrastinating on it 😑
  • Things to ask: do we still need to give daily vitamin D drops? Now that she’s starting to walk, what kind of shoes are best for her growing bones/and which ones to avoid? Do we have to switch fully out from formula to homo milk? What if I want her to have a mixture of both? 
  • Okay, now on to her new milestones this week: 
  • She started the week off by climbing onto her high chair with assistance. Now she doesn’t need my floating hand help anymore. She can climb into her high chair by herself!!
  • She repeats what we say and can repeat names of animals just barely. I can kind of make out what she’s trying to pronounce. 
  • She recognizes socks and said “mutt” when she sees them. Cool!
  • She likes to crawl on the kitchen floor and the only way she’ll eat more is when I feed her one bite at a time while she’s exploring the kitchen.
  • Right nipple still hurts so I sometimes pump less than 30 minutes on that side.
  • Milk supply went up slightly this week, back to 300ml/day instead of 290ml.
  • She was able to fall asleep in her crib twice this week for naps!! The secret was using the sleep sack.
  • She can put balls through a net on her ball pit.
  • She really pays attention to books when we read to her.
  • She is a stage 5 clinger this week. (Oh, pediatrician also said she will be clingy these few weeks and then once she walks, she will explore her freedom and cease clinging).
  • She clings to me while in the washroom, kitchen, laundry…
  • The day after the doctor’s appointment, we got homo milk and gave it to her to try. 50ml at first. She drank it like it was nothing. No questioning or refusing. The next day we gave her yogurt (best easy filling snack ever!!). She ate half of the cup on the first day and then finished a whole cup of yogurt the next day. Yay! Then we had pizza, her first pizza. Then I gave her some cheddar and mozzarella bits the day after. So glad she can eat dairy products now. We can feed her anything. 😀
  • I felt so so relieved after the pediatrician appointment knowing that she no longer needs only formula and that other foods will be sufficient. It felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. 
  • She likes to be held this week.. a lot. She will protest when we try to let her go. 😬

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  1. gchan7127 says:

    “She recognizes socks and said “mutt” when she sees them. Cool!” So cute!!

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