Week 54 – zoo, peekaboo, first phrase

Baby's first trip to the zoo

Baby’s first trip to the zoo!

Week 54:

  • This week has been full of fun and new outings for the baby!! 😀
  • On Sept 30, we went to the Toronto Zoo! We got tickets for the 11am entry and bb got to see lots of animals on this day. We aren’t sure how much she understands or recognizes but it was exciting for me to see her in a new environment. We were lucky to see the tigers, polar bears, Komodo dragon, lots of underwater turtles, gorilla, flamingoes, pack of wolves during our visit. Most of them were awake and moving around too.
  • Bb was really good at sitting in the stroller observing everything. She watched humans the most. She loves people watching.
  • Oct 2: first buffet experience for her!! She surprisingly behaved so well in her stroller. We fed her bits of food but she wasn’t too into it.
  • On Oct 3, we went to the Markham Fair! This was our first time attending this annual local event surprisingly. Due to COVID-19, the fair returned back with a reduced and condensed event that was structured as a one-way walk-through. We saw roosters, pigeons, baby chicks, horses, donkeys, lambs, goats, home crafts, home grown vegetables, lots of tractors. We also tried Tiny Tom donuts for the first time :D.
  • She said her first phrase! “Mm dut ah”. She knows the “ah” part at the end of sentences. 
  • She is “heep” about walking. We are trying to encourage her to take steps towards us so we can finally see her walking independently, but somehow she has become afraid of falling so she doesn’t try. Ahh lol..
  • She says “mutt” loudly and proudly and points at the sock. Is “sock” her first word then?!???!
  • She is a little person now.. longer fingers. Longer legs. Hair is long and wispy. The tips of her top two teeth can be seen growing out. Same with the 2 next to the already existing bottom two.
  • She hasn’t been very willing to get her teeth brushed lately. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Maybe her gums are sensitive due to the incoming new teeth.
  • When she poops, we can tell. She actually grunts lol. Then we’ll smell it.
  • She’s been regressing back to two naps a day some days recently. I’m not complaining. I think the daytime naps are great.
  • However, she’s also been regressing back to 2 or 3 times waking up during the night for milk… 😒
  • She likes to sign for “milk”. Whenever she does, I try to get the milk to her immediately so the association between her hand signing and the action becomes stronger.
  • She still doesn’t hold her own milk bottle.. 
  • She likes to point at things. When holding her, it means that’s the direction she wants you to go toward.
  • She likes being held more than assisted walking these days. She doesn’t finish the entire stairs now. She stops halfway and wants to be held.
  • When holding her, I have her on my right hip. She knows to grip my hip with her legs so she doesn’t fall and is more secure. 
  • She LOVES playing peekaboo with us. She’ll hide behind our back and then purposely yank our shoulders to one side and peer from the side and grin. Lol. She loves it and does it multiple times in a row.
  • She’s moved on from the “Not a Box” book. She’s not asking for it to be read to her constantly anymore.
  • She seems to like books in general though. She opens board books on her and looks at them.
  • Her babbles and repetition of phrases is her learning how to speak. I repeat and point out objects to her. I can hear her trying to pronounce and repeat it too but it’s not always the right sound. She’s starting to know “deng” (light).
  • Grandma trained her from young to raise her hand whenever she calls out “Who is ___ (her Chinese name)?” Bb will raise her hand straight up in the air.
  • She’s learning to make a high five and learning how to shake hands too.
  • Strawberry milk: right nipple was bleeding constantly this week (😫) and I had some strawberry milk for her for the first time. It was only a little bit though and once mixed with the rest of the milk, it looked just like my regular breast milk.
  • My output increased slightly this week! I’m not sure why. I even decreased the amount of time that I spent pumping on the right side too due to the bleeding and cracks. Last week it was about 290ml/day but this week it’s gone up to 300ml/day. It’s great though as breast milk is still the best drink for her.
  • We did a pandemic thing! DH helped to cut my tresses finally. What I realized is that my hair has become wavy!! I’ve heard of this happening to others postpartum but didn’t think it’d happen to me too. My hair was already naturally wavy prior to pregnancy anyway and now it seems to be even more wavy.
  • She is back in a thicker sleep sack now that the weather is chillier. 
  • I see so many pictures and videos of babies on social media 😳. I feel for the couples are who having trouble conceiving and all they see from their feeds is their friends getting pregnant and starting their new families. Or not only couples who are facing infertility but those who are still single and searching for a partner or those still building a career and far from this specific chapter or those who don’t want kids at all. Not everyone walks the same path, but at least for me I can see my social feed is FULL of babies now.. 😳
  • I still don’t post many photos or videos of her. I’m too tired these days to post something on my feed; a private IG story is okay though. I also don’t really care about sharing or “showing off” what me and my family does. But then again, one day I might photo dump everything out (food pics, etc) just to have a record of it. We’ll see but priorities definitely have changed these days.

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