Week 55 – common words, still very clingy

Rouge National Urban Park beach

Beach part of the Rouge National Urban Park

Week 55:

  • Oct 8: Something really significant and exciting happened today, but I won’t be sharing it until next month. 🙂 On top of that, we also welcomed a new niece to the family today!!! Now bb will have a cousin who’s only a year younger to grow up with and play with. That is the best and most precious thing ever.
  • I’m not exhibiting any signs of weaning lol, especially now that I’m consistently making 300ml per day. It’ll be good for bb to get my breastmilk still. When will I stop? I honestly don’t even know anymore lol. I’m going on 13 months soon.
  • She waves at people in the phone, including herself when I have the selfie mode on.
  • She can skedaddle up the high chair sooo quickly now on her own.
  • These days, she has no interest in pushing the wooden walker anymore.
  • She walked 2 steps towards me yesterday unassisted. This girl can walk on her own, but she’s so hesitant about it!!
  • A few weeks ago, I came to the decision that I won’t work during her waking hours. She is so fun to play with these days and these moments are so fleeting I won’t want to be hiding away in the basement working while she’s awake. I’ll work only when she’s napping during the day (a 1 or 2 hour nap) or sleeping during the night (after 8pm). She really is so fun now. She interacts and show responses to things I do unlike before when she was younger and stationary.
  • She naturally knows it’s bedtime when the sun goes down and it’s dark. After our bedtime routine, she knows it’s time to sleep and sleeps quicker than before and more willingly than before. It’s so great that DH and I get some free time after 8pm. Half the time I’ll either be finishing up the remaining dinner portions or I’m on my phone surfing away which isn’t the best use of time (or working on transcripts the other half of the time) (or decluttering). But zoning out is crucial recovery me time too.
  • I was craving for Cheetos earlier this week suddenly. Good of DH for getting me some ASAP 😁.
  • Last week, bb would test my boundaries by placing her hand on the plants we have on the shelf next to her playmat. I used to say “No” every time and she got to the point where she would lightly touch them and turn to me to see my reaction. 🤣 I started easing up on the No’s and she actually had less interest in poking them. 😀 Mission accomplished. This little one just wanted to test me and see how I would react to touching a “forbidden item”.
  • When sleeping in her crib at night, she loves to scoot over to the upper left side. No matter if we put her in the middle of the crib, she’ll always end up in the upper left side near the crib slats. I guess it’s comfortable there.
  • Oct 10: Had a very vivid dream this morning (been sleeping better now that we have blackout curtains in our bedroom and been having dreams that I can remember again): I dreamt I was pregnant and we were on the way driving to the hospital to give birth. I was sitting in the passenger seat while DH was driving. The baby had dropped really low and I could cradle the baby through my belly. My skin was so sketchy and thing I could see the baby’s feet curled up at the left side. Then I could actually lift the baby through my belly and saw the head and the face. It looked like a girl. The baby had her eyes opened already and was smiling at me. She had lots of teeth already. When we got to the hospital, we were invited to a meal with the director of the hospital and sat at a round table (???!). There were two dishes of fried chicken on the table, one had really tiny miniature drumsticks with barely any meat on the bones — the bone was exposed and only the top and bottom had meat. The other dish had bigger pieces of chicken but seemed to be burnt or spicy.. Super random. And then later on, my BIL came in and said they were eating outside on the patio. 😂😂
  • I’m not sure why I’m having this pregnant dream; perhaps we got a new niece recently? The baby smiling in the dream reminds me of my current child with teeth growing out and smiling widely.
  • She has 7 teeth now basically. She has 3 on the top coming in.
  • Oct 13: salty milk – sometimes when I happen to get some milk on the inside of my forearm, I’ll lick it instead of wiping it off (it’s good for me too!). I noticed my milk was salty instead of the usual sweetness. I think it could have been because I went a bit longer than usual without pumping (like 10 hours), but who knows.. Google says it could be a symptom of mastitis, but I don’t have mastitis.
  • Gave her apple biscuits for the first time and she enjoyed it a lot. Too bad the biscuits have no nutritional value.. they are dense in calories though and she practises eating this way.
  • So good at signing “milk” now and she even can say it too, “lai”.
  • DH taught her how to say pen — “butt” 😀
  • The sock “mutt” is solidified now
  • She waves “hi” and says it and also waves bye and says “bye” 🙂
  • She still isn’t a big eater :/
  • We took her for a bank appointment out of necessity. She did well for the most part by sitting on my lap and playing with the things in front of her. She liked pressing the X button on the card reader machine to hear it beep negatively. She took out and put back in the 5 candies in the candy bowl.. much to the dismay of the bank advisor 😅😂😂. I’m one of those parents who doesn’t care how their kid acts in public. Hey, my child is a kid/toddler! She doesn’t know any better. She actually was pretty good during the appointment. She started to get fussy towards the end, so I brought her out into the hallway to take a breather.
  • She is very diligent at replacing items into a container now. We have a video of her putting back the wooden blocks into the wooden box.
  • I can hear her saying “yut, yee” like she wants to count one, two.
  • She is still a stage five clinger. She is glued to me. She’s been to the toilet with me several times. She clings on and watches until I’m done so I can pick her up again.
  • She laughs at random sounds and words.
  • Had a big throw up right before bed last night.. we had the cleanup brigade out. She threw up all the milk she had at 5pm and the oatmeal for dinner and the milk before bed. Felt sad for her. She looked stunned too and vaguely aware of what had just happened.
  • She can definitely take a few steps on her own, but she is so hesitant! She needs more courage to just go for it. Maybe week 56 will be when she officially walks? “Officially walking” means she would use that mode primarily to move around, according to online sources. She crawls super fast and can climb up the high chair and the change table with no assistance.
  • Oh, speaking of which, during dinner time, she climbed up her high chair and was waiting for us to applaud and compliment her. Lolll. She was waiting for us.
  • She flips pages in books really well now and even can pry open the board books when they are stuck together. She really enjoys me reading to her.
  • Oh, and we took her to the beach for the very first time when we visited Rouge National Urban Park this weekend. It’s not like she dipped her toes in the lake or sand or anything, but it was a nice visit and stroll for us in view of the beach. She loved being carried in front in the body wrap and looking at everyone who passed by. She sometimes waved at them too 😀

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2 Responses to Week 55 – common words, still very clingy

  1. Christopher Day says:

    Thank you for always posting. I’ve been following you basically since I started blogging and it’s always been great to read.

    Love the whole reverse psychology thing with letting up on the nos.

    • stenoodie says:

      Hi Christopher!! What an honour for you to tune in to my blog posts (which are not always so well written and nowadays just random thoughts). I browse the Facebook court reporter groups and sometimes see your name pop up in the comments. Truly an honour!! *bows*

      Haha, thank you. It was a fluke but it worked 🙂

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