Week 62 – floor bed attempt, can say her own name

Baby in the high chair in the restaurant

Playing at the table

Week 62:

  • Nov 26: Wow, I did not expect us to transition her to a floor bed so soon, but it’s great. The past two days, she’s been sleeping poorly and DH had to get stay by her on the couch for an hour each time when she woke up at night (2 or 3 times the other day).. so we decided to try the floor bed for her. We have an extra mattress in the basement that we brought up for her. We cleared all the furniture in her room save for her crib and the loveseat sofa. We anchored the mattress on the floor with the sofa and two cardboard boxes. We covered the electricity outlets. We did her usual sleeping routine and it took DH about the same amount of time, if not less, to get her to fall asleep. Yay!!
  • Nov 27:  Ah, the floor plan idea was crushed a bit.  She slept at 9 p.m.ish and woke up at 11 p.m.ish crying.  DH soothed her and put her back in the crib since it felt safer.  Then this morning at 5 or 6 a.m., she woke up screaming with a nightmare.  Grandma consoled her and then actually put her on the floor bed where she slept until 9 a.m.  So I guess it didn’t work but also worked.  We’ll try again tonight to see if she can sleep better on the floor bed.
  • It was funny this morning to look on the Nanit camera and see a little person crawling on the floor lol.
  • Despite the floor bed idea not coming to full fruition yet, bb was smiling and so happy and looked so proud to see the floor bed. She knew it was like a “big girl” milestone.
  • My output is like 30 ml now… pumping once or twice a day now… like every 12 hours.
  • As of last week, started to have really bad mommy brain. Like I’ll say the wrong thing or transpose a word or something. I’m attributing it to not sleeping enough/not sleeping earlier than midnight…
  • I asked her what is her name and after a bit of pause, she said “kiki”!! Super cute and she’ll be able to pronounce it properly soon enough. Then we can teach her how old she is, her last name, birthday, parent’s names lol 🤣🤣
  • Bought 7 long sleeves for her (5 shirts and 2 sweaters) from Facebook marketplace for $15, making each item only $2ish. 😁👍🏼 She is growing and we don’t have many 12 to 18 month clothes. Also got 3 free Chinese kids’ books too 😁😁👍🏼
  • Dec 1. Also don’t think I mentioned it but she can identify parts of her body: her head, eyes, nose, ears, and mouth. When we ask her where is your head, she touches it. When we ask where is your eyes, she blinks and squints. When we ask where is your mouth, she moves it like she’s eating lol.
  • She continues to pronounce her name as “kiki” even though it’s not her name lol. I also started to ask how old she is and I would gesture the number one. She can copy it but her index finger tends to point towards her nose for some reason 🤣. Needs tweaking.
  • She can eat adult oatmeal so well. Trying to feed her more so she can eat more so hopefully she’ll sleep through the night more 🤞
  • She had a second playdate on the weekend with my friend’s son! Yay! Ever since DH started taking bb to his sister’s place every weekend, she has improved and been less shy outside the house. Yay! So when we arrived for our playdate, bb did not cry at all (a marked difference from the last time these two pandemic babies had their playdate). It was so great for them to see each other again. Bb loved the toys and the learning tower too. We had dim sum takeout and she ingested the sticky rice and eggplant so well ^_^
  • After the playdate, she passed out in the car as expected 🤣😌😊
  • Opened the duck food mat/plate finally for her to eat foods from. DH has been preparing breakfast for her to get from this plate/bowl. She knows it’s her food plate and luckily hasn’t thrown the entire plate to the floor.
  • In other news, renovations finally began at the new place! 😄
  • Bb needed winter boots for the season so I thought of second-hand shops to visit (couldn’t find any toddler boots for her on Facebook marketplace and plus, I needed to see it in person because I don’t know her shoe size). We went to Once Upon a Time and I got two gently used boots for her for only $22! One of them was a pair of Uggs too. That Once Upon a Child store is jam packed with clothes and toys and accessories for kids. I highly recommend that too. Why buy new from a retail store?
  • Me and mom had a lunch date and brought bb along. This was the first time we took her out to a restaurant to eat with us without DH, so it was a milestone too. One less adult to help out lol. Bb behaved so, so well in the restaurant. She sat in her high chair the whole time and didn’t cry or complain much. We asked for a place setting for her and the staff gave us a styrofoam bowl and plastic utensils… um, ok, I get that she’s a baby but it seemed wasteful to use disposables for her. Oh well.
  • Bb played with the bowl and utensils until she ultimately threw them onto the floor. We fed her bits and bobs from our noodle soup meals.
  • Bb heard the music in the restaurant and wiggled and jived to it.
  • That night, she fell sound asleep for the first time ever in her high chair during dinner time!!! She had had only 30 minutes of sleep and wouldn’t sleep again after the OUAC and lunch outing so she was super tired. She actually dozed off for 20 minutes in her high chair before she woke and cried. We brought her straight to her crib afterwards.
  • This has been happening for more than a week ago, but nowadays when she drinks milk from the bottle, she likes to hold onto the cap. She also knows how to put the cap back onto the bottle.
  • She has been much better at sitting and staying in her high chair during dinnertime this week. She needs coaxing and holding an item while being strapped in to distract her.
  • She knows how to “kneel and pray” and put her hands together in front of the Buddha table. She mimics the way I pray. It’s so great.
  • When anyone lies down, whether to take a nap on the couch or floor or armchair, she recognizes it and says “gau ju”. I think this was actually her second word. Her first one was mostly likely “mm dut” 😂.
  • She also says “gau ju” when she is sleepy and wants to go to bed.
  • Whenever we bring up milk or the word “lai”, it triggers her and she wants milk right away and she’ll say it too. We don’t know if she truly wants it or if she was reminded of it because we said it first 😂.
  • She has a bigger belly now from the food she’s been eating.
  • Further things we need to buy for her: mittens or winter gloves, bigger winter hat maybe, snowpants potentially (if we don’t already have one from that bag of assorted clothes I bought earlier this year..).
  • Earlier in the week, she accidentally scratched my forehead so hard I had a scab for like 3 days…

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2 Responses to Week 62 – floor bed attempt, can say her own name

  1. gchan7127 says:

    Aww, what a cutie pie! “Dec 1. Also don’t think I mentioned it but she can identify parts of her body: her head, eyes, nose, ears, and mouth. When we ask her where is your head, she touches it. When we ask where is your eyes, she blinks and squints. When we ask where is your mouth, she moves it like she’s eating lol.”

    • stenoodie says:

      Haha yep, she is good at it. 🙂 Now by week 72, I added in “chin” and “shoulders” too. She can identify those too. I’m trying to teach her “cheeks” too but that one is harder since it sounds like noodles, “meen”. 😂

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