43 weeks Postpartum – many, many firsts: beginning to wave, standing up all the time, playdate, swings

two babies on a playmat

Baby’s first playdate!

43 weeks pp: 

  • July 21: So many milestones and events happened this week!
  • She stands up all the time now.
  • She started the first signs of waving! She can stick her hand out and move it but it doesn’t look like a full wave yet. She’s learning though.
  • We finally put up the baby gates! We cleared out half of the living room and stationed her play mat and gates there. Finally have a space for her to play in!!
  • Visited her grandparents’ abode for the first time. It was also the first time that both elders were able to hold her without a mask since her birth 10 months ago (oh yes, she turned 10 months old this past weekend!!!). Both DH and I are considered fully vaccinated now since our second dose was on July 2. Yay!
  • She is such an indoor baby that she cries when seeing a new face. She didn’t let grandma or grandpa hold her without crying. Big drops of tears rolled down her cheeks. It took a while to warm up to them and she did let grandma hold her for a bit. She was fed some congee too by grandma. Yay.
  • Her body language showed cautiousness and untrust. She actually leaned back against her dad lol.
  • She also visited a fellow baby!! That baby is only less than a month younger than she is. She cried when we entered the abode. (Also, it was my first time driving with her outside by myself with no help! She was good for the first half of the ride but then cried the last half of the ride). She cried until we got there. That car seat took practice for me to unlock and take out.. but I did it!
  • She saw a baby her size for the very first time! She was more interested in the toys than interacting with the other baby. She actually held onto me for the entire first hour because she was so afraid and in a new environment. She wouldn’t even sit on the floor by herself! She clung onto me like a little panda. She’s never been this clingy before.
  • She burst into tears every time my friend looked at her lol. It made my friend avert her eyes lol. She was soothed with some bubbles though and warmed up a bit after.
  • She is much better at picking up the rice puffs to eat now. She can actually pick it up and place it directly into her mouth.
  • My milk supply went up this week. How? Why? Perhaps I’ve been pumping more? I got an average of 560ml/day this week! 😀
  • I was inspired by my friend’s play area for her baby so I’m trying to improve our space for bb too.
  • She can crawl well now. Both her legs push her forward.
  • She loves standing and “walking”. We hold her up from her armpits and she’ll walk one foot in front of the other down the hallway or across the room. She’s good at the assisted walking. 🙂
  • She babbles a variety of different consonants now. Her little voice is still the cutest.
  • She went to the playground and on the swings for the first time!!! She enjoyed it. She held onto the front of the baby swing set with a strong grip. She laughed and giggled when I pushed her harder and higher.
  • Scored another tub of brand new formula for only $20 thanks to Facebook marketplace ^_^
  • Still hard for her to fall asleep. She’ll stand up at her crib and cry if she doesn’t sleep… even when she’s really tired — her eyes are squinty and one eye is smaller than the other.
  • She fell backwards a handful of times.. one time she fell and bumped her head that she cried but was fine afterwards.
  • Can’t believe she is 10 months old now !!!!
  • She loves sitting scissor legged this week!! Also she likes to sit on her heels and bounce up and down.
  • She used the wooden walker for a few minutes. She can hold onto the handle bars nicely now.
  • We also did dine-in with her for the first time!! We were planning to eat on the patio but it was rainy and gloomy that day. We arrived right after she had woken up from her nap and had had some milk. We knew after she has had a 2 hour nap that she’s well rested enough to be good tempered for another 2 hours after. We were the only ones in the restaurant for lunch. We chose and wrote down what we wanted to order ahead of time at home and gave the slip of paper to the server which helped speed things up. The server appreciated it a lot too.
  • She was actually well behaved for the most part. The server and some staff came up to say hi and “play” with her, but she howled and cried at the new faces. The staff were a delight though.
  • Bb lasted 1.5 hours before we packed up and left. Pretty good for a first time restaurant experience! 😀
  • So many wonderful highlights and happenings this week! So glad I can dump out all my thoughts here.

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3 Responses to 43 weeks Postpartum – many, many firsts: beginning to wave, standing up all the time, playdate, swings

  1. gchan7127 says:

    Omg. “She burst into tears every time my friend looked at her lol. It made my friend avert her eyes lol.”

    I feel bad for smiling. Haha. So cute!! (and a bit sad)

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