Week 61 – weaning almost complete, calling us by name, walking around the house

balancing mom me time and not missing baby's moments

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Week 61:

  • Nov 18: Bb is drinking less milk now. So proud of her ^_^ We are filling her up with solids and she’s gained weight. She has a little belly now and looks even taller than before. She can reach certain furniture items than before — thought she wouldn’t reach the top of the IKEA play kitchen for the play microwave but she did. The best (easiest) things to feed her are oatmeal and yogurt. She swallows these so quickly and with no fuss.
  • Nov 25: My first pumping journey is nearly at an end!!! I stretched out my pumping to a record 19 hours the other day. Now, the sessions output to 50ml! I don’t feel engorged or warm when it’s almost time to pump. This means I can definitely be done pumping by the time we move (I can pack all of my pumping stuff away until the next time I might need it). And actually, I think I might be done pumping by next week even!! DH can soon finally make the cake for me he’s wanted to to celebrate the end of my pumping journey.
  • Bb can go without a milk bottle for several hours now. But when it’s time, she is SUPER vocal about getting it. Whereas a few weeks ago when she wasn’t speaking yet, she still used sign language to get milk. Now that she can speak, she doesn’t sign anymore and says “lai” or “lai yee” to show she wants it. And she is so aggressive about it too. She practically yells it and repeats it if we don’t give it to her. It makes us laugh so much 🀣🀣🀣
  • She can understand us so well. The other day, she was practising/playing on the stairs and trying to climb up and down, but I hadn’t had breakfast yet. So after she played for a bit, I explained to her that “we need to go to the kitchen now so that mommy can eat breakfast because I’m hungry”. I held out my hand and she came with me. She understood what I was saying!
  • Even as of last week, when she walks, DH sometimes holds her hand and they walk together. It’s so cute.
  • She is walking better and better now, and fast! Sometimes she’ll appear out of nowhere around the corner. And because she’s so little, her footsteps are light so we don’t hear her. Luckily she waits for someone to be around her before she starts climbing the stairs.
  • She still likes playing peekaboo with us.
  • She loves putting items in and out of containers.
  • She discovered a tin container of year-old candies the other day and was like “ahhh” like a tone of discovery repeatedly lol.
  • She babbles like a string of consonants randomly. It’s the cutest thing. We don’t know what she is saying and it’s impossible to capture on video so far because she only says it once or twice and doesn’t repeat.
  • She can repeat her own name! In her own version though.. she pronounces it as “kiki” lol. It’s so cute when babies are learning how to speak!
  • She can confidently identify objects in the house like a sock, a pen, a rag (for wiping), how to “open” and “close” things. No error at all.
  • She said “mao” (cat) and “ding” recently lol. She had heard the notification on my phone and she handed the phone to me… lolll. She’s so innocent she just hands it to me because she thinks it’s normal (but I should limit my smartphone use around her to be honest…)
  • We’ve been bringing her to play at her cousins’ place weekly. She continues to be shy and only cling comfortably to DH.
  • She enjoys feeding herself with the spoon. We will introduce the fork to her next. She has shown an interest in grabbing our chopsticks and using utensils in particular.
  • She can call us directly. She goes “ba” or “ma” now. Same thing as with the milk requests, she can demand us to her attention or she seeks us out by calling us. She can walk over to DH’s office area shouting “ba” multiple times 🀣. Or if I’m upstairs and need something and shout “ba ba”, she starts calling him too πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  • She waves “bye” whenever someone leaves the room. She always waves “hi” to the robot vacuum whenever she sees it lol. Same thing to the Minnie Mouse coat hanging in her closet.
  • She likes feeding people things.. it was cherry tomatoes before. This week, she got into the rice bin and grabbed uncooked rice to feed DH…
  • This week, she has been putting found objects in her mouth again. She was good before about bringing it to us first. It’s a hit and miss.
  • She has a new tooth! All her upper and lower incisors are now in πŸ˜€ (8 teeth in total). We’re not very consistent in her morning brushing but consistent with the bedtime one.
  • When in the bathtub after a while, she’ll cry out “ah” to signal the tooth brushing.
  • When she follows me into the bathroom, she directs me to put down the seat and flush. She’s seen the routine enough to know haha.
  • She showed an interest in sweeping the floors this week, so we showed her how to sweep using her small broom. But she doesn’t have the muscles to actually hold and sweep and brush garbage into the sweeper yet.
  • She read less of her books this week. By “reading”, I meant requesting us to read to her. She’s been more interested in walking around the house and exploring different things.
  • She knows how the “Press Here” book goes. She knows to press the yellow circle, and then clap, and also poke it again.
  • She assumes the prayer position with her hands clasped in the morning when we pray. She’s so cute.
  • I have been craving chocolate milk occasionally. I’ve been drinking less water too than I should be. I guess I know I’m starting to pump less now and getting lazy with the water intake.. even though I know it’s good for me regardless of if I produce breastmilk or not.
  • I finished the transcripts on my plate this week and never have I felt more unproductive and unmotivated afterwards. Without transcripts on my plate, I feel less likely to tackle other tasks because I have nothing to procrastinate on. But on the other hand, ever since having bb, I have been more punctual in submitting transcripts. I know I have limited amount of time to get them done, so I get it done early and schedule an automatic email to send the transcript out. It’s great.
  • This week has been exhausting as always and the feature photo encapsulates everything about motherhood for me so far.
  • Just when I wanted to give back the ball pool toy to her aunt, she started playing with it this week by crawling into it. She also put in a ball through one of the holes! Grandma and I had tried to teach her that previously but she didn’t know how to do it. Now she can do it effortlessly on her own. Kids really do thrive in their own time.

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  1. gchan7127 says:

    Yay! “She knows how the β€œPress Here” book goes. She knows to press the yellow circle, and then clap, and also poke it again.” πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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