Week 69: Floor bed success

Toddler playing in the 60cm snow

Playing in the 60cm snow

Week 69 of motherhood stories: 

  • Jan 18: We tried letting her sleep on the floor bed after she was put back to bed after the initial midnight wakeup and she actually slept much longer!  There was one night this week where she slept from 9 p.m. to 4 a.m.!!  That’s one of the longest stretches she’s ever slept.  Ever.  It was really nice for DH not to have to get up to tend to her for once.
  • However, after four nights of great sleep, she started to regress a bit back into her normal routine of waking every 3 hours… but there’s somewhat of an improvement.
  • She can “talk” so much now.  She repeats what we say with pretty good accuracy.  After she drank her milk, I said she finished “200” ml and she repeated the “yee bat” so cleanly.  DH has a Dr. Strange bobblehead toy that she has been playing with (she likes to rip the head off from the body) and she can say “doc sa tra” which is like “doctor strange” lol.  I can hear it.  She says “ap po” when we are eating an apple or she feed her some.  Her pronunciation is actually really good for her age.
  • Speaking of which, she is now officially 16 months old!  Ever since she was born, I have stopped reading into baby achievement/milestone things online.  I used to read about those weekly and monthly milestones for pregnancy and get excited for what was happening to the fetus, but now that she’s born, I don’t bother with those things for some reason.  So all to say that I really don’t know what she should be capable of doing at 16 months of age.  She talks, walks, and is showing improvement in all areas of development so far so there is no concern.
  • The other day, she grabbed a hold of her diaper area and said “jor bob bob” which is what we say to her when we change her diaper and it’s puffy and big and thus needs changing.  She knew that her diaper was full and she was asking for a change!  That’s so amazing that she could ask for it.  Does this mean she knows when she pees too and will be able to potty train soon?  Probably too early, I think.  Apparently their muscles to hold in pee don’t develop until close to 2 years old of age.
  • This week has been tiring again.  We’re in the last ten days of so before we move and we really need to ramp up the packing.  I’m continuing to deal with flaky people and people who ghost on Facebook marketplace when trying to get rid of our unused belongings.  The snowstorm this week didn’t help either since the extreme weather and road conditions made it difficult for people to come and thus once they were held up for a day, they didn’t have the same desire to come for the item(s) anymore, much to my chagrin.  It’s also annoying when people change their minds — this is why I never hold items for people to pick up.
  • Snowstorm/blizzard!  We took bb out for next day after the snow settled for some fun in the snow.  It was -10 degrees outside but the sun was out and when we were outside in the backyard, it didn’t even feel cold.  There was no wind.  She was first foreign to the snow and didn’t move much but then she warmed up to it and was able to play with the kitchen items and scoop snow a little bit.  I made a little snowball and she repeated me to say “suet cuo”.
  • She plays aggressively with her stuffed animals this week.  Her beloved Minnie Mouse was thrown across the room and not treated very nicely.
  • She has little patience for reading an entire book again this week.
  • It’s hard to pack and organize items when she is around because she is like a little squirrel who picks up a nut and then buries it in the soil without regard or memory for where it is — as in to say she’ll pick up items and then drop them in random places.  So stuff that we had placed aside, I’ll find in another spot.
  • Her voice is the sweetest when she calls for our names.
  • In the morning yesterday when both DH and grandma were occupied, bb was still sleeping in her bed.  Even though she had woken up, she stayed in her floor bed and sweetly called out “ba ba” several times.  She knew that usually it is DH who goes to get her in the morning.
  •  She likes going to the basement to play with the exersaucer and pressing the buttons to make the songs sing (I had the sound off but she randomly turned it on and it’s been on since since she figured it out).  She pronounces “Twinkle Twinkle (little star)” as “tee go”.  So cute.
  • She seems to have an affinity for music.  She is always moving and wiggling her body when she hears any sort of music (commercial on TV, the rice cooker tune when the rice is ready).  She also discovered that her old bouncer chair has a music function and always requests us to turn it on for her this week.  She likes wiggling to the music when it’s turned on (but then gets distracted with other things and walks away).
  • She rarely plays with her toys.  There’s too much other items in the house that she likes to play with instead.  The only stuff she does play with consistently are the kitchen items in her play kitchen.  She showed no interest in the activity cube that we took out for her recently.
  • I took out the wooden puzzle for her and she can successfully push the puzzles into the correct slots.
  • She has the cutest bed head when she wakes up.  It stands up and curls up.

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