Pandemic 2022 Takeout Eats: Congee World

Congee World takeout order

Congee World takeout order via FOD

January 12, 2022:  First food blog of the year, let’s go!  I figured I’d hop on here and do a quick review of this takeout meal since I already have my steno machine out and already on stenokeys.  We were searching for something “clean” to eat for dinner today for takeout and came across Congee World on FOD which had a 30% off all orders.  Congee World (粥天下) is located at First Markham Place (3229 Hwy 7, unit 2) (relatively new?) and serves congee, rice noodle rolls, casserole rice dishes, and other dishes that you commonly can order at congee restaurants (like soya sauce noodles, curry fish balls, dough sticks).  We ordered 7 items for just $53 after the discount — a great deal!  

The FOD driver delivered the items quickly.  The two congee dishes were in plastic containers and steaming hot still when we took out them of the plastic bags.  Awesome.  I liked that the instruction was respected to not give disposable utensils.  

Veggie Rice Rolls

Veggie Rice Rolls

I was impressed with the rice rolls.  We ordered the Veggie Rice Rolls and the Minced Meat Rice Rolls.  The rice roll was incredibly thin and silky and tasted a little different than other soft fluffy rice rolls.  It was so paper thin.  You have to use scissors to cut the rolls up yourself.  Otherwise, it’s just a large sheet of rice roll. 

The two congee that we ordered were the “Chicken Congee” and “Peanut with Preserved Fish Shreds Congee”.  The congee quality and texture was thick yet smooth, the very “meen” texture that all congee should be like.  It was great.  The fish and peanuts congee was very fragrant.  The chicken one didn’t have as many chicken morsels in it as I thought and wasn’t as “chicken-y” tasting as I would have liked.  

Casserole rice dishes and congee

Casserole rice dishes

The two casserole rice dishes were great.  One had spareribs and one had chicken and dried fish.  The rice quality was not too soft and a little crusty too as most casserole rice dishes should be.  Each one had three pieces of bokchoy on it too.  It was a solid tasty rice dish.  

The sticky rice actually had a lot of lotus leaves surrounding it.  We were surprised about this abundance since a recent dim sum order from another restaurant showed how they skimped out on the lotus leaves — our guess was that the ongoing difficulties with the supply chain have made lotus leaves scarce to obtain.  

Congee World also provided two bowls of in-house soup (carrots and corn soup).  I just hope it doesn’t contain too much MSG and I can sleep well tonight. 

All in all, a good takeout meal from Congee World that arrived fast with steaming hot food.  The 30% discount made it worth ordering. 



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