Week 70 and 71: continued floor bed success, first fever, new home!, night terrors

Week 70 ad 71 of motherhood: 

  • Feb 3: We’ve spent the past 2 weeks packing and moving into our new home so I have combined both weeks together for a single post. The points are a bit disjointed and out of order as I try to remember what has happened in the past 2 weeks 😆.
  • Bb has been sleeping on the mattress on the floor for a few days before we moved and she actually slept through the night for 2 nights!! This came in perfectly as we had to disassemble her crib the night before moving anyway and so she didn’t have to rely on the crib for sleep. It was perfect. And although we moved the crib parts into her new room, we don’t even need to install it! 😀 Big girl bed now. It’s so great.
  • Her speaking has been excellent. It has been bewildering us how much she can speak and how well she can repeat words after us.
  • This week, she can actually recognize when her diaper is full because she says “journ bok bok” or “been been”. It’s not always accurate as there were a few times where her diaper wasn’t soiled but still it is cool to see the improvement.
  • On the day before the move, we dismantled the play pen and I was amused to see that even without the pen surrounding her play mat, she still chose to play within it. It’s like an invisible boundary.
  • I was so stressed the day before and of the move.. poor bb had to put up with the move. We packed away all her toys for a short time (it showed me that she didn’t necessarily miss them and that I could trade out toys and she wouldn’t even ask for them).
  • She let us cut her nails using regular adult nail clippers!! I was ready to order a set of baby clippers for her but I guess we don’t need to. Yay! She enjoyed it too. Grandma kept the nail clippers inside her home coat jacket and bb kept wanting to take it out to use it.
  • We porch visited her grandparents and uncle on the day of Lunar New Year. She was so scared and shy. When she feels uncomfortable, she wilts like a flower with her head hanging low and close to me. It’s so funny. And then when the person is farther away, she turns back up.
  • For some occasions, she actually hid behind my knee just like the story book character “bashful and hid behind the mom’s knees”.
  • She donned a brand new coat for Lunar New Year. Kids these days are so blessed to wear these special outfits to look nice and for photo purposes. When I was young, most people didn’t have these luxuries.
  • She had night terrors the night of the move. She had skipped her one and only nap that day (no chance of her napping since the move took the full day). She also didn’t seem too tired or sleepy; she must have sensed the adrenaline and excitement all around us. That night, she woke up screaming with her eyes closed for probably close to an hour. It was the scariest weirdest thing ever. Usually when she cries at night, if she doesn’t fall back asleep, she could wake up and she’ll be dazed and look around her. But this time, her eyes were shut tight but she was screaming and inconsolable. 😦 Eventually she calmed down and fell asleep. I looked up what “night terrors” were and this is what happens. It could be caused by big changes like a move or skipping a nap. Luckily, that night terror didn’t reoccur and she slept soundly the days after the move.
  • Probably also she was unfamiliar with her new bedroom. We had no crib and only the floor mattress. We also put the Nanit camera on top of a cardboard box for temporary measures.
  • She loves eating egg tarts recently. It’s her newest obsession after yogurts. She’ll say “dan tat” so clearly. She can finish one entire tart by herself!
  • She can walk and kinda run so quickly these days.
  • She likes to go up and down the stairs herself while holding onto the rails but still with lots of supervision. I’m literally holding her still in case she slips.
  • When she wants me to hold her hand, she goes “clak clak”. I’m not sure where she learned it but it’s her way of saying she wants to hold my hand and lead me somewhere.
  • I showed her stuffed animals doing this once and then she copied and had them holding hands too 😆.
  • She can distinguish between the 3 Chinese board books even though the covers look so similar.
  • She also got the second part of her flu shot the day before the move. While waiting inside the unusually quiet clinic (likely due to the omicron virus), I told her about the needle and for her to anticipate it. When the nurse came in to prepare the shot for her, she was already crying in anticipation. DH was saying the clinic is probably in her memory now as a place for needles and that’s why she knew what was coming.
  • She didn’t have high temperatures for any of her previous shots but it was for this one that she ended up having a fever. It was a low grade fever luckily that only lasted a few hours (about 38.3 to 38.8 degrees). My mom recommneded giving her lots of fluids and a cool towel to help her cool off. She was lethargic and didn’t seem to want to play either. By bedtime, she was back to regular 37 degrees ish. Phew. As if our move wasn’t already stressful enough, our baby had a fever too 😩. Even prior to dinnertime, she started playing again which was a relief to me.
  • Thank goodness we have a baby thermometer and baby advil at the ready too if she were to need it.
  • And also glad that it didn’t turn into anything more serious or that anyone else got sick too right before the move.
  • It was so stressful packing as bb would take things out and displace them from the original packing boxes.
  • She can be so aggressive sometimes when she throws her stuffed animals onto the floor or doesn’t let them do things. Her new thing also has been to say “mm bay” to not let someone do something. She’ll say that when I’m sitting on the gym ball or on a chair and wants me to get off. She can be so demanding and controlling! Where did she get this from?! 😂😂😂
  • Usually DH makes her breakfast and she’ll eat it herself. She’s not the best at using her spoon but it’s the effort that matters. Practice makes progress.

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4 Responses to Week 70 and 71: continued floor bed success, first fever, new home!, night terrors

  1. gchan7127 says:

    I hope you’re no longer as stressed, Karen!! The night terror sounds very horrifying too. 😦 Hopefully Baby K won’t experience that again.

    I’ve caught up! 🙂

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