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CSRAO Spring Conference 2019

April 6, 2019:  This year’s Chartered Shorthand Reporters’ Association of Ontario Conference was held once again at the Oakham House at Ryerson University. Unlike previous years, this was a much more quiet and subdued conference.  I’m not sure exactly of … Continue reading

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First depo with a videographer

And also the first time we were on the record until 6:30pm. #tired but very much awake because

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A very vivid and accurate steno dream…

…which I hope never comes to fruition. I dreamt I was at work as a stenographer and instead of being in one room by myself with the group like

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So this is what a weekend feels like

So this is what a weekend feels like! ^_^ This is the first weekend in another while where I don’t have any transcripts on my plate to do.

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CSR testing

February 16, 2019: I did the CSR testing today!!  This is actually the very first time that I’ve done any sort of live in-person testing!  Seeing as I did my steno studies online, I also did all of my steno … Continue reading

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It begins!

Just when I thought this might be an easy December, I receive an e-mail this morning about an order of four days of a hearing back in 2017.  😀  I should have known it was too early to call it … Continue reading

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Counting my blessings

If you’ve been wondering where I’ve been and how come my blog posts come in bursts and then silence, it’s because I’ve been attending to my other passion in life: steno work! 😀 In the past 10 days or so,

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