The Best Alaskan King Crab Legs in the World — Victoria Harbour Restaurant (Hong Kong)

Alaskan King Crab Legs steamed on a bed of Egg Whites

I love my family.  I love my family that lives in Hong Kong.  Every time we visit them, we go out and indulge in some pretty spectacular meals.  I can’t forget the time we visited a seafood restaurant in Hong Kong and the whole meal was centered around the juiciest, biggest, and best tasting Alaskan king crab legs in the world!  This has been on my mind and since I have no other blog post to write about today, today’s post is going to be about the time we feasted and itis-ed on crab legs.  Enjoy!

Victoria Harbour Restaurant Group owns several restaurants in Hong Kong.  For this visit, we visited the Victoria Harbour Restaurant in Sha Tin for dinner.  My family already knew that we were going to order a live, made-to-order, fresh Alaskan king crab to eat.  At this time, the restaurant was having a promotion where instead of costing 360 HK dollars for a catty of crab, the price was slashed to 160 HK dollars.  What a deal!

Aside from ordering a jumbo Alaskan king crab to steam as the main course, we ordered various seafood dishes like razor clams, fried eel, stir-fried shrimp, and also non-seafood ones like vegetables and duck.

The Alaskan king crab was cut up and steamed with egg whites to perfection.  And when I say perfection, this restaurant really knows how to serve crab legs in the best possible way!  Every crab leg was opened up so that you could easily pry open the meaty flesh and have a mouthful of juicy and tasty crab.  Simply the best!  I’ve never had better crab legs ever ever ever!  I also loved the smooth egg whites that were steamed into the dish.  It was so fresh and delicious that even though our table was already filled to the brim with lots of amazing food, we all YOLOed and asked the server to order a second jumbo crab.  We could all tell that the server was actually quite shocked at our request.  We already had had so much food, but hey, YOLO.

This time, I got to go out and snap a picture of the poor crab that would have to die for our meal right before it was picked up and on its way to the kitchen.  Just look at it!  It looks so big that it looks like a giant spider.  Kind of creepy.  The second dish of steamed crab legs was just as good as the first.  We were all very, very full by the end.  I’ll never forget this amazing meal that we had. : ) #thankful #March2013 #family

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11 Responses to The Best Alaskan King Crab Legs in the World — Victoria Harbour Restaurant (Hong Kong)

  1. andy1076 says:

    I always order the Alaskan king crab on special occasions, The taste is unlike any other! Yolo girl!! XD

  2. wow, reading this is truly bittersweet 😛 YOLO to the max girl!

  3. gchan7127 says:

    LOL you made me laugh so hard with your YOLO comment! :p


    P.S. It does look like a spider. :/

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  6. Rhoela says:

    Can anyone tell me what’s the address?

  7. Rhoela says:

    Can anyone tell me what’s the address of the restaurant?

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