First time using Microsoft Teams on a virtual job

I’m so glad that I took the time the night before to install the web application and test it out with my husband.  (I should have done this for GoToMeeting too but who would have known that that application would be finicky with my laptop audio?)

Installing Microsoft Teams took more time than I expected and even signing into the application took way longer than it should have.  For some reason, it kept circling back to the sign-in page at least three times until I got fed up and my husband was somehow able to get it to the right page for me.  He uses Microsoft Teams all the time for meetings in his work so he was well-versed in the program.

When I was finally all set up and wanted to invite him to a meeting, that wasn’t simple either.  It was easier for him to send me an invite.  After that, it worked well and I was so glad.

During the day of the job, the connection was very stable and audio was really clear.  It seemed more stable actually than Zoom.  One thing I didn’t like was that whenever one of the participants spoke, the participant’s box didn’t highlight itself like it does for Zoom.  Sometimes, when either counsel’s face or the witness’s face was turned away and someone responded, it was hard to know who actually spoke.  For Zoom, you always know who is speaking since their box changes colour.

Also, there was no way to pin certain participants or view them in an alternate view other than gallery.  As well, after J left the meeting, she wasn’t able to assign a new organizer/host which meant I didn’t have recording capabilities.

After the three GoToMeeting hearings I did this week, I really appreciated how I was able to be made an organizer and record the proceeding myself.  The conversion of the file didn’t take too long either and the recording was crystal clear.

It’s nice to know and to have used a third application so far for these remote reporting jobs.

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