Weekly Photo Challenge: Textures

 mossy shelves

Lake Erie, Ontario. July 2012

Textures: I remember putting my feet through these soft and wavy shelves of moss when I went camping for the first time in July 2012.  It was a group camping trip with the Mon Sheong Youth Group at Rock Point Provincial Park & Lake Erie.  It was so hot that day when we got to the campsite that all activities were postponed and everyone just went to the beach to cool off.  I enjoyed walking through these Continue reading


Dragon boat workshop

First time dragon boating!

First time dragon boating!

This past Saturday in the DiSCOVER 2013 program, instead of sitting in the classroom in our usual Mandarin class and business/Chinese culture workshop, we went out to the lake shore and did a 2-hour crash course on the wonderful water sport of dragon boating.  I’ve seen people dragon boat many times and ate those lotus-wrapped rice balls during Dragon Boat Festival but never had the inkling to try it out for myself.  We spent the first part of the hour warming up, doing stretches, and jogging on the boardwalk.   It was a really cool and gloomy morning.  
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