Everything durian

Chocolate-covered durians. Durians are called the “king of fruits”. Mmm dark chocolate… 🙂

This morning, I ate durian chocolates for breakfast.   Yup, you read that right.  When I went to Malaysia, one of the stops was to the Cocoa Boutique & Chocolate Gallery.  Here you could try everything chocolate — Malaysia is famous for their chocolate-covered fruits.

We bought a box of chocolate-covered durians.  My mom is a HUGE fanatic of durians, so it was only natural that we picked a few of these up.  When I was growing up, I loved eating this pungent fruit as much as she did.  For those of you that have never tried it, it’s a spiky, tropical fruit, that when you open it — careful, you could get poked by its pointyness — you would find soft, yellow, mounds of flesh that tasted like ice cream… well, kind of.  Some people think it smells disgusting, like a pile of garbage, while others think it’s yellow goodness from the gods.  Every summer that we visited Hong Kong, my relatives and I would buy the fresh durians from the Hong Kong markets and open it and eat it fresh by the pound.  Two, three, sometimes four (pieces) at a time.  I remember the year we went to Thailand when I was 12, my mom and her sisters nearly had a frenzy trying to find a fresh fruit stand that sold durians (a native fruit of Thailand).  When they finally found one, we ripped open the vacuum-sealed pack (to their dismay, not a fresh one) and devoured it on the street.  We were that crazy. 

One day upon coming home from elementary school, I opened the front door and exclaimed, “Why the heck does it smell like garbage in here!?! Ho chou ah!” It was SOO stinky!  Turns out my mom had brought a durian home.  For some reason, I no longer found its smell to be wonderful or delicious.  I wanted that thing as far away from me as possible.  I thought I had stepped into a dump.  From my room upstairs, if my mom was eating it in the living room, I could tell, “You’re eating durian, aren’t you”, and then proceed to stay in my room for another hour until the smell faded.  It was that bad.

As such, I avoided it for a few good years because I found the smell to be intolerable.  Aside from its smell though, when I did try it once in a blue moon, it was still good… just didn’t taste as delicious as before.  Fast forward a more few years, and I’ve slowly been able to enjoy it again and have ignored the smell — or simply found it to be not so smelly anymore.  I don’t know, I guess my nose is fickle.

Anyway, I’ll cut to the chase.  Here are some durian products that I had on my trip this time! 😀 (and about the chocolate-covered durians for breakfast — I really wanted to try it so I succumbed to my inner voice and popped three in my mouth.  They were REALLY rich — delicious dark chocolate!  The inside tasted like durian.  Not as decadent as the real thing; a little dry, and I think the smell lingered with me a little afterwards.  Hello smelly durian!)

Upon opening the box, there are four kinds of decorated chocolates. The inside of them are all the same — filled with durian! The box claims that it’s 100% natural ingredients.

What it looks like inside

While in a shopping mail in Kuala Lumpur, there was a sweet stall called Kios Durian Durian dedicated strictly to selling durian pastries.  They had durian crepes, durian pudding, durian pancakes, durian tarts, durian ice cream, and MORE!  If you’re a hard-core durian fan, this would be your heaven!  Kinda wish I took a picture of their menu because it was pretty durian-intense.  Actually, I think I did take a picture of it.  I must have misplaced it into another folder; will post it when found! 🙂

A one-of-a-kind stall in the shopping mall

The durian pancake was made to order; so fresh! The pastry was a bit dry though. Could have been more soft 🙂

Durian cheese tarts! These were so rich. I was stuffed after eating one.

Durian crepes

durian pudding, durian cheesecake, durian creme puffs!

durian chiffon cakes

At our next top, we ventured to the Kuala Lumpur Pavilion, a luxe shopping mall that also has an outdoor pavilion filled with little shops.  On this street, there was a gelato store.  My mom wanted to try the durian gelato, and wow, thank goodness she did, because we had the best-tasting durian gelato here.  EACH BITE TASTED LIKE DURIAN.  It was amazing.

durian gelato!

Rich, rich durian taste in every bite. Highly recommend this place!

The last night we were in Malaysia, we went to the supermarket that was connected to the hotel we were staying at.  (Interestingly, at the entrance of this hotel, there was a huge sign that said no durians were allowed in the rooms.  Haha, I seriously wanted to take a picture of this, but one guy was stationed RIGHT in front of it, blocking my view.)  My mom had heard of durian popsicles and were on the search for them.  Lo and behold, she found them!  They were in a pack of six — three durian-flavoured and three corn-flavoured.  The durian was pretty good, as was the corn which actually had corn pieces in it.

*will post picture when I retrieve it from my laptop!

Now on to Singapore.  Even though we had had lots of durian-flavoured products and whatnot already, when we passed by a dessert shop, I pointed out that the menu had durian crepes!  We hadn’t tried these yet thus far on this trip, so we popped into the shop for a quick 5 minutes and devoured it.

Durian crepes. We’ve had better ones at the 滿記 Honey Moon dessert shop in Hong Kong.
The pastry skin on this one was way too thick… and the filling wasn’t soft or creamy enough.

Finally, before we left Hong Kong to go back to Toronto, we just HAD to have a fresh piece of durian.  I mean, c’mon, how can you not have a fresh one when you’re in a tropical country where these pungent fruits are fresh?  All of the ones we have in Canada are frozen.

The durian I had in Hong Kong. It was pretty good! I think it’s best tasting when at room temperature.

And with that, I’ll close up this post for today.  Phew!  That was a lot of durian.  I hope that those of you who love this fruit continue to eat it with a passion.  Try all of the durian pastries and creations that are out there.  Is there anything that you’ve tried — durian-wise — that you recommend?  Durian gum?  Durian pie?  I think the list is endless.  And those of you that haven’t tried it before, try it!  What’s the harm?  (Your nose might hate you.)  And looking through all of my durian pictures, I think I actually smell some in the air.  Or maybe it’s my nose playing tricks on me again.  



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6 Responses to Everything durian

  1. Pauline says:

    Durian smoothie! They’re everywhere in Indonesia and they’re delish! And I also saw that stall in Malaysia – was that the one in KLCC Mall? Underneath the Petronas Twin Towers?

    • stenoodie says:

      Oooh, a durian smoothie sounds bomb diggity! Got to try that one day! Haha, yes you’re right. That’s the one. Did you buy anything from there to try? 🙂

      • lem0nandlime says:

        No, I didn’t! I was already stuffed with all the other street-foods I consumed on my way to the Tower! It’s pretty much why I LOVE Asian cities – street-food galore!

      • stenoodie says:

        Yes, I absolutely agree! You can just spend all your time browsing street-food and snacking. Haha, what a life!

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