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My first time tree-planting!

On Saturday, April 27, the Mon Sheong/DiSCOVER group led us to tree planting!  This was part of a city-wide initiative to plant trees and there were so many volunteers there.  I was quite pleasantly surprised! I’ve always wanted to plant trees! … Continue reading

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I have excellent penmanship

Haha, in one of our DiSCOVER workshops this past Saturday, we learned Chinese calligraphy. A friendly Chinese lady who practises calligraphy full-time presented a PowerPoint slide to us to introduce us to the basics and history of Chinese calligraphy. At … Continue reading

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I made a funny today.  During the break time, one of the lawyers was eating a slice of cake from the kitchen and commented that the reporting agency had really good food.  I said, “So I guess this place takes … Continue reading

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So close

I know I’m going to be saying this a lot as I continue testing for speed tests in my journey towards the 225, but I was SO close.  I got back my test result for my LIT 160 wpm test … Continue reading

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Waiting for test grades!

I’m excited to say that for the first time in… months almost a year, I submitted a test after self-grading it!  In short, this means that I have a very good chance of passing it.  Yay!!!  *throws confetti into the … Continue reading

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Yunnan Rice Noodles

Dinner!  Yunnan rice noodles are done a little differently than most dishes.  First, they bring you the dish of raw, uncooked ingredients.  I stared at it, thinking it was edible because it was presented so nicely, but I was smartly … Continue reading

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Ways to alleviate test anxiety

A student of mine just sent me an e-mail to ask me how to combat her testing anxiety.  I offered the following e-mail and thought I would share with you here as well.  If you are a court reporting student … Continue reading

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Today’s practice — April 17

I finally got in some solid practice time today.  Yay!  I’ve been craving it since I started teaching Phoenix Theory full-time.  It’s 6:44 p.m. now and I have over 2.5 hours of practice.  I did some Speed Plus (still doing … Continue reading

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Restaurant Story

I’m a little embarrassed to put up this post, but it’s okay because 90% of my friends probably don’t read this space anyway (Oh, wait.  What’s that sudden increase of views from Canada lately even though I haven’t put up … Continue reading

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Motivation for court reporting students, or really just anybody trying to reach their goals

I’ve been practising today.  Practising for accuracy.  I just need to make sure I do this every single day.  Consistency is #1.  

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