Ways to alleviate test anxiety

A student of mine just sent me an e-mail to ask me how to combat her testing anxiety.  I offered the following e-mail and thought I would share with you here as well.  If you are a court reporting student or stenographer reading this and have some tips on calming yourself before a test, please share. =)

For anxiety, I started having test anxiety when I was testing in my 100s. I
was so nervous that my hands would start shaking. It had never happened
before so it really frustrated me because it affected my testing. Over
time, I learned to take a few deep breaths in and out before doing the test
to slow down my racing heart and calm my sweaty hands. There were two
steps to doing a speed test, and so I would open up the first window to the
testing site. This made me nervous already, so I would stop and take deep
breaths and calm myself. Once that had subsided, then I would click the
second link which would open up my actual test. This seemed to help.
Another way is that I had to believe in myself. I wasn’t nervous for my
earlier tests because I found them to be slow and relatively easy — in
other words, I knew I could do it, so I wasn’t nervous. I think you need
to cheer yourself on and believe in yourself. The more you think you can
do it and that you can own the test, the less nervous you will be. I also
had a period where after I had opened up the first link to my test, I would
go on Google and look up pictures by searching “you can do it”. I know it’s
a little silly, but seeing all of those motivational pictures and posters
that popped up helped me believe that I could pass the test.

This is a red dot method that some reporters and students have used:

There’s also a link where you can literally “calm”
yourself — calm.com. It takes a little bit of time to load, but it’s a
guided relaxation website.

That’s all I can think of right now, so hopefully they give you some ideas
on how you can alleviate your anxiety. I think in the end, if you practice
enough and you feel that you truly know your concepts, you won’t be
nervous. Good luck! 🙂

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