Translation Statistics

On Friday, I shadowed a fellow friend and former CCVS grad and now court reporter at an examination for discovery.  There was an interpreter for this examination and it pertained to a local business!  I was pretty excited for it since the material was relevant and I had never been on an examination where there was an interpreter before.  The witness spoke in Cantonese, interestingly, so I was actually able to understand what was being said without the interpreter.  

Having an interpreter meant that the words per minute was a lot slower than usual because everything needed to be interpreted so that the witness could understand the lawyer before answering.  At times, the questions needed to be repeated for clarification.  All of this meant that I was able to get down a lot of what was being said since it was so slow.  Yay!

I’m including a snapshot of my translation statistics for this case.  I had to break it down into 3 sessions for the day since my student version of the software can only go up to 50 page as at a time and I usually end and begin a new file after a recess and lunch break.  This ensures that I have a full 50 pages to go after every recess/lunch.  I think I wrote very clean.  On average, my translation statistics for the whole day was 0.00276 which meant my accuracy rate was 99.7%!  Of course, I had some drops here and there, but I would say on the overall, that’s a great stat. 🙂


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