AYCE Sushi at Ten-Ichi Japanese Cuisine

Located at 4810 Sheppard Avenue East in Scarborough

After our first full-day event at a health & wellness seminar, we were early to arrive at Ten-Ichi for my birthday celebration.  Yay!  The seminar ended promptly at 5 p.m. and I had made the reservation for 20 people for 6:15 p.m., without thinking that we would be done so early and with no meeting after meeting to attend to.  It was good this way regardless because we could slowly meander to the restaurant to have our all-you-can-eat Japanese food. 🙂  

Ten-Ichi Japanese Cuisine is a popular place for locals to go to have all-you-can-eat Japanese food, including sushi, sashimi, and Japanese hot dishes.  I have been here once before several years ago (before I started blogging), so this place has never been stenoodie-d before XD.  From my last visit, I remember loving their rolls and the selection of desserts.  I really enjoyed it and thought that this was the best place to have a birthday celebration considering that there would be over 20 people in attendance.

Thank you dear friends for all coming out! ❤

The overflow table — thanks guys!! ❤

Actually, a lot more than 20 people showed up, and the restaurant helped me reserve one of their private party rooms that only fit 24 people, maximum.  They already helped me to fit in one extra table into the room and everyone was already feeling cramped.  There was no choice but to have an overflow table outside for five of the attendees.  I still feel bad that not everyone could sit together in the same room, but I guess there was nothing I could do about it since some people RSVPed last minute that they were going to come and there were a few people who I didn’t expect to join in either, which made me not able to foresee the overflow.  Needless to say, it was a little chaotic at first when trying to fit everyone into the room. :/

Onwards with the food!  The kitchen helped to prepare huge boats of sushi and sashimi rolls for us to start.  It was so nice but during the commotion in the beginning, I didn’t take as many pictures of this giant sushi boat as I usually would have liked.  The ebi shrimp was so good, and the sashimi scallops were so fresh!  Yum!

The giant sushi & sashimi boat to start!  The Salmon Rose was good!

It was huge!!!

Throughout the night, I got out of my seat to visit other people at the other tables… first time where I’ve had this experience of trying to cater and chat with all my guests.  It was interesting.  I’ve never had such a big birthday party before.  That also meant I didn’t eat that much during this night.  Boo.

Here’s some of what I did have though, and my comments:

The salmon sashimi was so chunky! Loved the ebi shrimp

The Beef Tataki was a little rough for my taste

Cold Soba. What a nice presentation too!

Grilled Flounder

Beef Yakitori; these were too chewy for me

Takoyaki; just so-so

Sirloin Steak; not bad

Calamari; just okay

Salmon sashimi. Yum!

Those chicken yakitori were delicious!!  They were slightly spicy but so chunky and tender.  I still remember their distinct mango rolls with that delicious and saucy mango sauce.  It was still so good as the first time I tried them!  The salmon sashimi was pretty good and thick-cut.

Their mango roll is the best! The spicy salmon wasn’t spicy enough for my taste

Amazing chicken yakitori!!

There was an Avocado Seafood Salad that was baked that was very unique and tasted so good.

Avocado Seafood Salad and Chawanmushi (steamed egg) — so smooth!! :9

The dessert was also very good.  I would have had more too if I had more time to eat.

All of our desserts: mango yogurt, chocolate mousse, tiramisu, custard cream, ginger creme brulee, green tea ice cream, mango ice cream

The ones I got 🙂

Alice’s ice cream waffle

My taro birthday cake. Thank you!!!

Before the night ended, I was also surprised with a birthday cake from the team and my friends.  Aw, you guys!  I didn’t really expect this.  Jason was glad that he sat outside at the overflow table so that I didn’t see this cake coming.  One thing that I really didn’t like was how the kitchen helped to cut the cake but he only cut it for around 15 people.  What the heck?!  There were over 25-30 people in attendance so why did they cut the cake in such thick pieces?  And if they were going to do that, please at least divide up the cakes the several tables instead of just two tables.  When they served us the cake, I thought everyone was going to get some and it wasn’t until some of us started eating that I realized that the other tables weren’t going to get any cake.  Sorry guys. 😦  I don’t often eat taro cake, and it was an interesting flavour.  I prefer chocolate cake, guys! 😛

One of the slices of cake — wish I had known so that we could all share

I couldn’t sit with everyone to eat together; oh well. Next time, better planning!

All in all, it was a great night for everyone to eat and enjoy.  Dinner weekend AYCE might be a little pricey here ($26.95 which came out to around $35 including tax and tip), but if you eat your worth in food, the quality and selection of food is worth it I think.  I wonder if I’ll come to this place again?  I want more sashimi and Japanese food!! 🙂

Ten-Ichi Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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  1. andy1076 says:

    Wow what a feast for everyone and the size of that boat! :O

  2. gchan7127 says:

    It’s okay, Karen!! Hehe, next time we can have chocolate cake together! ❤

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