Flower Pot Dessert at Aka Teppan

Located at 3235 Hwy 7 in Markham

Two months ago, I visited this popular Japanese fusion restaurant for some unique D.I.Y. food where you would cook the food on your own hot plate when it arrived.  See my post about it here.  On this visit, Mandy and I ordered some of this yummy rice and meat combo and also ended it off with a delicious and fun-looking dessert!  

Last time, I chose the Supreme Beef Teppan Yaki-rice
and Mandy, as it was her first time at this restaurant, chose this to start.  She enjoyed it!  She ordered an extra side of corn on the side.

Teppa-yaki rice — Supreme Beef. $8.99

I chose the House Special Chicken and actually liked it more than the Supreme Beef that I had last time.  I liked the rice like before; how it tasted a little chewy and not too soft or mushy.  The chicken pieces were very tender and I was very impressed with this!  Yum! It wasn’t until Mandy pointed it out to me that I noticed that Aka Teppan features such cute desserts.  Their tiramisu is put into a little flower pot and served to you like a plant.  They even put a little sprig of green in the centre where the cookie crumbs resemble dirt are to make it look like an actual plant.  If you were to put this dish in someone’s house, they wouldn’t even know that it would be edible. ^_^

Teppa-yaki rice — House Special Chicken. $9.50

Aka’s Fusion Tiramisu — Homemade Original flavour. $5.99

We both agreed that the tiramisu didn’t have a lot of coffee taste or resemble true tiramisu but I was happy with its presentation and how its texture was smooth and tasted good.

Have you been to this place yet?  What are your thoughts on it? 🙂

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I'm a stenographer, foodie, avid traveller, and new mom who loves to share her experiences with the world.
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5 Responses to Flower Pot Dessert at Aka Teppan

  1. andy1076 says:

    The tiramisu looks so cute I wouldn’t want to wreck it lol! happy you went back again cause the food looks so good! :9

  2. simplydelish says:

    The flower pot looks really funny but bet it was good!

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