Dinner at Yang’s Chinese Cuisine

Located at 8432 Leslie St Unit 110 in Markham

Happy first day of 2015!  Since today marks the first day of the calendar, it also marks the first day being back from being backlogged from completing all my restaurant reviews from my HK trip — I’m back to blogging about Canadian restaurants again!  😀

I really didn’t expect to blog about this restaurant again.  I previously went to Yang’s Chinese Cuisine to have dim sum with my family.  The food was average and the place was nice.  I expected dinner service to be about the same.  Oh boy was I wrong!  

The inside of the restaurant

First of all, we were very kindly greeted at the door by a man who looked like he was the manager.  Since it was my uncle’s birthday and we had brought in a cake, we asked if there were to be cake-cutting fees.  There were not!  That’s both rare and an awesome thing to discover.  I was pleased about that. 🙂

By the time the dishes started arriving at our table, I knew this restaurant deserved a solid blog post so I started snapping pictures. (That’s why you’ll see that not all of the dishes are enjoyed are shown in this post.)

A herbal soup that was included as part of the dinner set

We started off with a chicken that was yummy — the skin was smooth and the meat was firm and tender.  Yum!  Then some vegetable dishes arrived.  Everything was served on a heavy ceramic plate that signified its substantial quality and design.  It was so lovely to look at.  Not only were the actual plates big, but the portions were solid too.  My family was impressed and that’s a little rare to hear while eating.

The most beautiful sweet and sour pork I’ve seen — so nice!!

When this sweet and sour pork dish arrived on our table, that’s when I knew for sure I would be blogging about this restaurant again.  Look at how beautiful the presentation is! *cries tears of food blogger beauty* 🙂  Unlike most sweet and sour pork dishes that are rather blah, the pieces in here were flavourful, crunchy, and fried perfectly.  It was so great!

Since the plates were big, the pleasant servers helped us move the dishes over into smaller ones so that everything could fit.

Front and back view of the lobster — look at those chopsticks just waiting to dig in..

We had lobster!  This dish was impressive for sure.  It was fried with small fish and lots of garlic.  Yum!  The lobster was delicious and I couldn’t get enough of it (I can never tire of well-cooked lobster!).  Some of the meat had fallen out of the shells too lol.  Actually, when our lobster dish came, my aunt took the first piece which turned out to be a bit raw on the inside so we requested that the whole thing be heated up some more.  The servers made no issue of this and quickly corrected the problem and even heated up my aunt’s half-eaten lobster bit.  Impressive!

Steamed fish!

We had fish as well; two types.  I couldn’t resist taking a picture of the first one.  Look at how nicely the veggies are plated.  The fish was yummy!  But the second one had more bones in it so you had to be careful when eating it.

We were all very full and ended up packing about 4 half-eaten plates home.

Stir-fried fish! Just look at the presentation. How could I not blog about this restaurant after all?

We also had dessert: warm yummy pastry, jelly, and green bean soup.  We also, of course, had our chocolate fruit birthday cake. 🙂

Green mung bean soup

Petite fours

I reallllly liked this restaurant.  Did I mention that they have free wifi offered too?  That’s everything I like about a restaurant: great food, ample portions, clean and courteous staff, free wifi!  Unfortunately, the bill was a little higher than average Chinese restaurants too.  Oh, well, what can you expect, right?

This experience just goes to show you how dining at a restaurant just once doesn’t truly give you an idea of what it’s like.  You need to go to a restaurant more than once in order to truly know whether you like it or not.  Similarly, when understanding a new concept, it’s been said that you need to have it taught to you in 7 different ways by 7 different people — makes sense!

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2 Responses to Dinner at Yang’s Chinese Cuisine

  1. andy1076 says:

    oh wo wthat lobster looks absolutely amazing! I never seen it prepared like this before either, I’m very impressed with the service at this restaurant and their willingness to make their customer’s visit a good one. A great choice! 🙂

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