Weekly Photo Challenge: New

Markham. January 2015

It is definitely cliché that the first Weekly Photo Challenge of the year has the theme of “new”.  No matter, I’m up for it.  As always!  I got a good one for this week.  At first, I wanted to see what was the first picture that I took of 2015 but when I looked in my photos, I realized it wasn’t so much a picture as an informational one, so that option was scrapped.  Instead, I chose something that is still a rather good idea. 😀  

I haven’t been reading in a while.  By that, I mean walking into a library to pick up a book off the shelf to take home to read.  I stopped reading for pleasure on a consistent basis when I entered university because I majored in English and Psychology and everyone knows that if you’re an English major, you are already forced encouraged to read up to 2-3 books each week for your literary courses so I did not have time for pleasure reading.

Now that I’m out of school and have chosen to carve out some time for myself again this year, I went to a library today!!!  I was so excited to find a parking spot, walk up to the doors, and walk into the world of words.  Ahh!  I miss this so much.  I remember as a kid going weekly to libraries and carrying books upon books out to go home to read.  I remember that fateful summer holiday where all I literally did every day after my Mandarin classes were done at noon was curl up on my sofa and read.  I used my library card so much that it was frayed and I remembered my 14-digit library code by heart.  I actually still remember it to this day, 23287xxxxxxxxx.

Unfortunately, when I was looking for it this morning, I misplaced it and really didn’t have a clue where it was.  So today when I walked into the library, the first thing I did was re-apply for a new card.  Yay!  New!  I had to pay a $2 new card fee, but it was worth it.  I’m sad that I don’t have my old card number anymore since I remember the number so well, but guess what — it fits this week’s theme.  My very own library card again that is fresh, new, and allows me so many opportunities for new adventures and growth for my soul.

I’m so excited!  I borrowed seven books today. 😀  In this world of iPads, Kindles, and reading on our big phones, I still like reading from a book.  I’m so excited to start reading again!  *I don’t mind if there’s a snowstorm this weekend* 🙂

About stenoodie

I'm a stenographer, foodie, avid traveller, and new mom who loves to share her experiences with the world.
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3 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge: New

  1. A library card is your ticket to anything. I use mine constantly. Enjoy!


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