Your Fears

Week 4 Results — September 18-24, 2015

On Friday night, on our 4th week of the Challenge-Based Five-Week Fast Track Program, we dedicated the night’s sharing to talking about our fears and presenting it with the group.

Everyone had different fears, with some ranging from not wanting to talk to people, feeling rejected, not wanting to go back to the 45-year-plan, not being able to retire their parents, and more.  I had a clear fear and this has been pronounced ever since I realized something from my very first EC retreat last year:

  • We need to think further into the future.  It’s not just about building the 001 right now.  When I was asked when I was going to start my 002 or if I had even thought about it back then in October 2014, I definitely was not thinking about it.  I didn’t even plan on doing 002.  But after that evening where about 10-15 or so of us sat and talked and shared our goals and experiences, I realized that there is still life after the 001.
  • A few weeks ago, Andrew visited Raahim’s Monday HKO and mentioned how we are so lucky that we have leaders like Ronny to help us build the business still.  Ronny has completed his 001.  He technically doesn’t have to help us anymore.  He can go on to do his 002.  So while we have these leaders still with us and still helping us to build 001, we need to cherish it and take advantage.

Those are my realizations and ever since then, that’s become a fear for me.  I am scared that if I don’t build fast enough, those who are already building will build faster than me and not be able to help me anymore.  Once someone has completed their 001, they can be off to build 002.  Why do they have to help the people in 001 build anymore?  They help out of the goodness of their heart and because they want a solid organization.  However, they are finishing 5,000 every single week so they are already solid.  The fear is that if you stop building, delay building, or become stagnant, you will allow those who are building to surpass you and forget about you.

The business is not truly difficult but it has its ups and downs.  The reason why we can make this business work is because we team work together.  It’s more fun to build together and if you allow the team to move past you, you will not be able to grow together anymore.  No one wants to build alone.  This is why it’s SO crucial to build now and build fast.  How would you feel if your juniors surpassed you to the point that you don’t even relate anymore?  We always say that we want the juniors to surpass us and it is definitely true.  However, if you stop building or stop growing with them, they will surpass you to the point that they will also complete their 001s and move on to 002 and keep building.  By then, who will have the last laugh?

A worst-case scenario is you stop building, and when you decide to build again, you attend coring.  However, instead of seeing all the familiar faces and familiar leaders speaking, you now see the NEXT generation of business owners who are like the grandchildren, great-grandchildren of the leaders and partners that you used to work with present instead.  How would you feel?

Don’t be lazy.  Build fast and build now.  Build while the team is still here.  Build while we are still willing to drive out to the towns and expand.  Build together and make memories this way.

It’ll be fun to look back five years from now and say, hey, remember when we did the 5-week fast track program with all those guys from the 001 team?  Those were the days…

What are your fears?  Are your fears strong enough to push you forward to become better?  Fears are so powerful.  When you use them as your pain statement and it irritates you enough for you to act on your goals, that’s when you will see success.

[Don’t get me wrong; the fear is not that I cannot do the business — I know I can and I will — I am halfway there.  The exact fear is not growing enough, moving fast enough, or finishing it in time.  Time is finite and every second is crucial towards the success that we want.]

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2 Responses to Your Fears

  1. gchan7127 says:

    Oh Karen, I know you will do fine. As long as you’re consistent and committed, it’s almost impossible to fail. You just have to keep going, no matter what.

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