Weekly Photo Challenge: Harmony

Rogers Centre, Toronto. October 2015

Harmony….  I remember taking harmony theory lessons when I was younger and studying piano.  Harmony classes were part of the prerequisites needed to complete certain levels of each grade in learning piano.  I remember not enjoying those classes very much because I didn’t know how to harmonize melodies very well and it was like a different language to me.  It was quite difficult to do as well.

‘Harmony’ for regular folk is having to do with having peace in your heart and having some balance of well-being in your life.  In this week’s photo, I have selected a picture of a piano that I saw in October of last year after I had finished going to my first Taylor Swift concert in Toronto.  Not only did the famous singer ‘harmonize’ very well 😛 but everyone in the audience was in harmony together.  Everyone who was there had a common interest and thread in getting together to listen to this famous songstress harmonize tunes together.  Everyone was connected in that sense.

After the concert, seeing this specific piano was a certain harmony as well.  The side of the piano says, “Play Me.  I’m Yours.”  This piano was part of an project and event that was conducted in Toronto a couple of summers ago where 41 hand-painted pianos were set all over Toronto in random locations for you to find and play.  It was a fun scavenger hunt for those who were up for the challenge to find of the pianoes in the city.  I find that this brings people together; harmonizing one community as a whole.

In order to play a beautiful tune, you yourself need to be harmonized with the instrument and with yourself.  If yourself is not in tune, everybody will be able to hear it.  The melody will not flow and it will sound jagged.  I think it is so important for all of us to be in tune with our inner selves and body.  Mental health is so important and every person is different.  We need to find what we are good at, what we are happy doing, and then to do more of that.

For example, even if someone says that playing a musical instrument is good for you, if that is not something that you find enjoyable, no matter how much music you play or spend time playing, it will not help you become a happier person.  We all have our own niches.  For me, being at home, listening to music or an audiobook and working on my blog or reading or surfing harmonizes and balances me again.  For someone else, that could be absolute torture.  Some people find harmony within other people and by socializing with crowds.  We all need to find what we are happy with and find that to harmonize our souls with.  It’s so important and so necessary.

The more we get lost into our own minds and find ourselves and our purpose, I think that we are happier people who are at peace with ourselves.  For me, I find my happiness, confidence, and courage from within.  Harmony is so important.

About stenoodie

I'm a stenographer, foodie, and avid traveller just trying to find her place in the world.
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10 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge: Harmony

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  2. Swav says:

    wow.. beautifully written and the idea about the pianos located nationwide is amazing.. it’s like giving a hand.. to someone who is in need.. thank you! Cheers from Ireland, Swav @ PaintingsbySwav

    • stenoodie says:

      Hi Swav! Thank you for visiting from Ireland! That makes me happy as a blogger that you appreciated my words and sharing about the street piano project. Hope you have an amazing day! 🙂

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  4. I played the piano for years and although I didn’t always like lessons, playing became very therapeutic. When we moved, we couldn’t take our piano along. Fortunately, I was able to find a young girl who played but who didn’t have a piano. Her parents were thrilled as was I. 🙂


    • stenoodie says:

      That’s wonderful to hear that a young girl was able to take on the piano. I also had to give up my piano when we moved a few years ago. It’s always nice to play some old tunes :).

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  7. gchan7127 says:

    I totally agree with you!! Great post, Karen!

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