Review: Jenny’s Beauty Spa

Jenny’s Beauty Spa located at the second floor of 8333 Kennedy Road

I’ve been a loyal customer of Jenny’s Beauty Spa for over four years now.  The first time I actually went to this place for facials was over 10 years ago when I was still a preteen or teenager.  A friend of mine recommended that we go for facials and that was my first ever experience into the world of professional beauty, skin care creams, and having a massage on my face.  

I remember the lady working on me being a little pushy towards me about using products on my face and even brought out a whole line of products for me to purchase at the end of the session.  I was very naive back then to realize that she had been selling me products all during the facial but thankfully not naive enough to purchase anything on the spot.

Poster for Jenny’s Beauty Spa

Fast forward several years more and I found myself returning back to this spot for facials.  Up until this point, I had visited a few other places but found that not only did they do a poor job at clearing out my blackheads and pores, but the creams that they used on my face after the session were not fit for my skin.  The creams were too oily and made me break out even more.  Thus, I returned to Jenny’s Beauty Spa.

I’m not sure what brought me back (at least I don’t remember right now), but because my skin was not doing so well and I had a lot of pimples and clogged pores, I was able to clear it up again at Jenny’s Beauty Spa.  I went through a 10-week regiment that summer of 2011 to cleanse my face and skin of acne.  The lady who does it for me is Selina and she’s actually really good at clearing pores and blackheads.  She does it expertly, clears out the pores completely, and actually does it as a passion.  She loves clearing out pores and there have been times where she spent up to an hour helping me clear out everything on my face!  Ah, those were the days… No one else has been able to clear out my pores as completely as she does — and we all know that clogged pores can lead to all types of skin problems.

This is what one of their units look like

The only thing about Jenny’s Beauty Spa is that they will sometimes push you to buy products and/or extra creams used during the session.  I bought several “pimple serums” back in university when I was treating my face because it really was that bad.  After those 10 sessions, I did see a difference.  It worked!  In addition, I found that after the session, the creams that were used on my face actually felt great and my skin was happy.  That’s what mattered.

It’s 2016 now and I still go to Jenny’s Beauty Spa for regular facials.  Selina does a great job at clearing out the face if you have clogged pores.  That’s what I would really recommend this place for.

They are closed on Thursdays

If you have trouble with acne, clogged pores, and pimples, I know for sure Selina will be able to help you treat it and for you to regain a beautiful face again. 🙂  Just be firm on what serums and products you want or don’t want during the treatment because the extra fees can add up.

Jenny’s Beauty Spa used to be located at Kennedy and Denison but as of last year, they have relocated to a new location on the second floor of The Mall at Langham Square at Kennedy and Highway 7.  They actually own two units inside the mall.  It is a family-run business.


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11 Responses to Review: Jenny’s Beauty Spa

  1. ORB says:

    I actually know Selina and you are right – she is great! Keep up the good work, both you and Jenny’s Beauty Spa.

  2. Crystal says:


    May i ask how much does it cost for the pore and blackhead cleaning/removal?


    • stenoodie says:

      Hi Crystal. Sorry, I don’t know the exact prices. You can call them to ask. I had bought a package of facials from them that already included the blackhead cleaning.

  3. Crystal says:

    Oops forgot mention. Are hey on Yelp? Just want to find a facial place but sometimes asian places tend to try sell or rip you off so i just want to know price before going.

  4. Elisa says:

    Tried once, the products and service were not that nice anymore!

  5. Anastasia says:

    Hi Stennodie, do you know contact telephone for Jenny or selina
    the phone number is not working now

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