Review: The Spa at Fallsview Casino Resort

The Spa at Fallsview Casino Resort located at 6380 Fallsview Blvd, Niagara Falls, Ontario

I love getting massages and lately I’ve been blessed to be able to try out a couple of massage places due to Groupon deals and complimentary offers.  (Yay!)  

For this latest massage session, I was able to enjoy a 60-minute massage therapy session at The Spa at Fallsview Casino Resort.

The Spa at Fallsview Casino Resort is an adult relaxation environment so don’t worry about bringing the kids here.  The environment is serene, peaceful, and relaxing.  The receptionists at the front desk are knowledgeable, professional, and polite.

During my first visit, the receptionist was able to thoroughly explain to me the process of going to the women’s change room, leaving my personal belongings in the lockers (with an electronic keypad), get dressed in the robes and slippers provided, and then go inside to the Lounge where my massage therapist would be waiting for me.  I appreciated that the receptionist actually got up from her seat in order to show me where everything was.  It was very pleasant and I was so excited to get my first massage session at The Spa.

They have all essentials for you to use in the change room

My massage therapist’s name was Brooke and I absolutely melted away during the 60-minute massage.  She was so professional and also asked me what kind of treatment I wanted.  She had read my brief summary of what I do for a living (I filled out a quick health info sheet when I signed in) so she knew that as a court reporter, I spend a lot of time sitting and asked what areas I also wanted to focus on during the massage session.  The entire 60 minutes were pure bliss and I absolutely loved it.

Fast forward a few months later and I’ve actually been to The Spa three times now.  The second massage therapist that I had was Marissa or Melissa (I don’t remember exactly her name) and she was also professional but her handiwork wasn’t as good as Brooke’s, I found.  For my third visit, I also had Brooke again.  I love her smile and her friendliness towards her clients.

Lemon water in a pitcher

I really love the environment at The Spa.  The women’s change room is so nice, very clean, and bright.  The change room leads to the showers, a Jacuzzi, and sauna rooms.  I haven’t had the pleasure yet to enjoy the Jacuzzi or sauna rooms yet (I should do that in my next visit!) but they look so relaxing and classy.  I’ve showered there before too and love the simplistic design of their shampoo and shower gel contraptions (a little goes a long way and details matter).  Their change room also provides toothbrushes, toothpaste, combs, feminine care products, extra towels, and many more hair care products in case you forget yours and need them.  I think it was so relaxing and beautiful in there.

The Spa also offers reflexology, body treatments, nails, facials, and services for men too.  Visit their spa menu here.

Clean and serene environment

I also loved their lounge area.  The lounge area is where you can go to ‘lounge’ after a sauna or Jacuzzi session and also a place for you to wait for the masseuse to come get you.  I didn’t take any pictures of the lounge area but they have a coffee machine, light snacks like mini muffins (these were delicious), fresh fruit, and yogurt, as well as lemon or cucumber infused water for you to enjoy.  There was a big flat screen TV with a fireplace on there and lots of comfy couches for you to lounge in.  I really loved sitting in there in my fluffy robe. ^_^  They actually just recently renovated the lounge area so that it’s bigger than before too.

If you’re on a getaway and have some money to spend for a relaxing day, try out! 🙂

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3 Responses to Review: The Spa at Fallsview Casino Resort

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  2. Constante Acacio says:

    The receptionost is not feiendly and accomodating at all… Very disappointed with this place and would never go back again….

    • stenoodie says:

      That’s unfortunate. If you’ve only been there once, that might have been a one-off. I’ve been there multiple times now and the service has always been professional.

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