Norwegian Getaway Cruise 2016 ~ Day 2 Dinner in Tropicana Room

Just a few of the desserts at our dinner in the Tropicana Room

Our second night of dinner on the Norwegian Getaway cruise ship was the same as the first night in the sense that we ate at the Tropicana Room.  (The dinner menu on the cruise changes every night.)  We were lucky enough on this night to get almost all of our group inside one of the private rooms to the side and sat at two tables.  

Again, my foodie friends and I chose various dishes off the menu and shared them.  Yay! 🙂

Dining in The Tropicana Room for the second night

Starters, main courses, and desserts

On this night, we had to wait a little bit and didn’t sit at our table until close to 7:30 p.m.  By this point, many of us were starving and were eager for the food to arrive.  The food arrived quite slowly actually and many of us were impatient.

Here’s what we got:

-salmon, shrimp, octopus, wasabi soy dressing

We were all so excited to have sushi at dinner that almost everyone at the table ordered one of these for themselves.  First of all, because this starter only had three pieces of sushi, it didn’t make sense for any of us to share it, and second of all, the portion was small so it made sense for us to just get our own.  The sushi was not bad.  It was much better than the one last year on Carnival Splendor.

I liked the wasabi soy dressing and the seaweed salad underneath the sushi.  The seaweed salad tasted very fresh and moist.

Creamy Mushroom Soup
-Cajun chicken

I love creamy mushroom soups and this one was a little saltier than most people would like.

Shrimp Minestrone
-fennel broth, white beans, garden vegetable

There were only a few shrimps inside this minestrone soup.  This soup was also a little salty and not many of us enjoyed it.

Fried Brie Wedges
-cranberry & fig compote, olive tapenade

I loved this starter!!  These fried brie wedges were perfectly fried and enclosed inside a thin batter.  The brie cheese inside the wedges were so delicious!  I love cheese haha.  (The olive tapenade “consisted of puréed or finely chopped olives, and is a popular food in the south of France, where it is generally eaten as an hors d’oeuvre, spread on bread”.)  You learn something new every day.  Thanks Wikipedia! 😀

Whole Roasted Bone in Pork Loin
-country potato wedges, grilled eggplant, broccoli, calvados sauce

I don’t remember this dish very much so it probably wasn’t very tasty.  I do remember that the pork loin wasn’t very tender.

Chimichurri Skirt Steak Salad
-frisee, anjou pear, red onion, cherry tomatoes, celery, sherry vinaigrette

The skirt steak in this salad was actually very delicious!  However, we had so many dishes on the table that I didn’t want to eat too much meat.  We shared some of the steak with our tablemates.  The salad in this dish was very fresh.

BBQ Shrimp Burger
-whiskey BBQ sauce, roasted potatoes & onions, cabbage & red onion slaw

Mmm, I loved this BBQ Shrimp Burger!  The shrimp burger was tender and juicy and the whiskey BBQ sauce gave just the right amount of tanginess and flavour.  I loved this!

Banana Split
-vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, passion fruit cream

The look of this Banana Split surprised me.  I thought that it would have been presented in a traditional ‘banana boat’ way in a long dish.  Nevertheless, this was a nice classic twist paired with a passion fruit cream.

Caribbean Pineapples
-lychee mojito vinaigrette

Continuing on with having some fruits for dinner just like the first night, these Caribbean Pineapples were decent.  I couldn’t taste the mojito in the vinaigrette though.

Raspberry & Chocolate Truffle Cake
-chocolate cream, raspberry sauce

Delicious Raspberry & Chocolate Truffle Cake!  What was there not to love? ❤

Coconut Pudding (no sugar added)
-tropical fruit chutney, coconut flakes

This was a very good pick for dessert!  The coconut pudding contained a lot of coconut flakes on top of it which added a rough texture to the otherwise smooth coconut pudding.  I really enjoyed this dessert and raved about it out loud haha.  I recommended this to Jean who was sitting at the table next to us.




Creme Caramel
-fresh berries, mint

In turn, Jean recommended this Creme Caramel dessert for me, saying that it was absolutely delicious and that we had to try it.  So we did!  I love how on these cruise dinners, you can absolutely order anything you want at any time.  I asked the server to add this dessert for us and it arrived quickly to the table.  I thought that this creme caramel was just okay.

Stay tuned for more cruise dinner blog posts on board the Norwegian Getaway 2016 cruise trip! 🙂

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