First Time Playing Bubble Soccer at AT Bubble Soccer!


AT Bubble Soccer located at 1300 Alness Street, Unit 3 in Vaughan

For Anna and Rosa’s birthday this year, we celebrated at AT Bubble Soccer, a place that hosts bubble soccer games!  I had never played bubble soccer before but had always wanted to so and this was the perfect time and place to do so.  (Actually, everyone in our group was playing bubble soccer for the first time that day!)  

We had exactly 12 players that day.  AT Bubble Soccer is located at 1300 Alness Street near Steeles Avenue and Dufferin in Vaughan.  After checking in on a tablet to sign the wavier, we were given a yellow wristband to wear.  Our game was to start at 7 p.m on a weekday Tuesday.


AT Bubble Soccer located in Vaughan

Once everyone in our group had arrived, we entered the soccer field.  It was enclosed with a safety net.  There was a group playing before us and while they were playing, I took some photos and videos.  I was excited to try this for the first time!


Reception desk


Tablets for easy sign-ins

The lady explained to us some rules of the game, which included no forceful bumping into each other and no bumping from the back.  Then we put on the bubbles just like a backpack.  It was a little unnatural to worm myself into the inside of the bubble haha.


The people playing the game before us


The place could have been more well-ventilated

After a few seconds of putting on the bubble, you immediately feel the weight of it.  Considering that it was just a bubble full of air, it actually feels like it weighs a lot!  After the teams were chosen and we started playing, we could all really feel the weight of the bubble.  It was heavy!  It was especially hard since the only air circulation was from the top of the bubble where there was a hole for your head so it made breathing more strenuous than usual too.

(In addition, the place wasn’t very well ventilated.  There was only one fan that seemed to be airing out the entire place.  Even when we walked in the building, it felt a little stuffy.  As we kept playing, the lack of air circulation was more apparent by the minute.  It felt like a workout on a humid day actually; not unbearable but not comfortable either for long. XD)

After what felt like a couple of minutes, the lady asked us if we wanted a break and we took it.  Wow.  We were all so sweaty already and it felt like a workout!  (Normally, if there is a bigger group, players would switch out so that there would only be 12 people playing at one time on the field.  Since we had 12 people in total, all of us kept playing.)


You really underestimate how much work is involved when you are just watching from the outside

After the first break, we went back in to play again.  I do admit it was really, really fun!  It was like playing soccer back in elementary school.  There weren’t rules and everyone just worked together in their team to try to kick the soccer ball into the net of the other team.
We then took our second break where everyone was so sweaty like we had come from a gym.  Once we went back into the soccer field, we were told that we only had six minutes left in our 50-minute game.  Wow!  Time just flew by!

Our blue team ended up winning haha.  We took a group photo and then headed out for the birthday dinner.  (We also used the disinfectant wipes that they provided to us to wipe down the insides of the bubble before the next group of people arrived to play — if you really think about it though, the inside of the bubble might not be 100% clean or hygienic if the previous person didn’t do a good job of wiping it down…)


Group shot after our game!

I really loved the experience of playing bubble soccer.  I would love to come again to try another round (but they need to improve the air circulation or maybe I can try another place that hosts bubble soccer games)!  For just under $20 (because we had a group discount), I thought it was a great and fun experience playing a soccer game in a unique way.  It was a great workout too. 🙂

By the way, within the first couple of minutes of getting the bubble on, I already was pushed and fell.  It fell on my knees so it did hurt.  After that, when I did fall, I somehow fell and collapsed on my own legs and bent my knees so it wasn’t bad at all.  Falling is an inevitable part of playing bubble soccer! 😛  Lots of people fell during the game.  If you don’t fall while playing bubble soccer, it’s like you haven’t played at all. 😛


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  2. gchan7127 says:

    This looks soooo cool!! One day, I would like to try it!

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