Massage Review: Fuji Natural Comfort Healthcare Centre

Fuji Natural Comfort Healthcare Centre

Fuji Natural Comfort Healthcare Centre located at 5460 Hwy 7, Unit 4 in Markham

I got another great deal for a 60-minute massage from Groupon!  (I love that site for finding new massage parlours — I only buy the ones that have high reviews though since I don’t want just any Joe Schmo practising on me..).

I got the $39 deal from Fuji Natural Comfort Healthcare Centre located in Markham on Hwy 7 near McCowan Road.  Groupon had an extra special deal that day, so I only paid the deal for $31.20.  So awesome!  The original offer on Groupon for this deal was $55 so I saved $20~ after tax on the massage.  (Check Groupon often as they frequently offer great discounts on top of their already discounted deals.)

I finally got a chance to redeem this Groupon at Fuji Natural Comfort Healthcare Centre.  I called ahead to make a reservation and the process was smooth and effortless.  Even when I had to call back to make a change to the timing of my reservation, they had an available masseuse for the time I wanted.

When I drove down Hwy 7 to try to find the place, it was a bit of a challenge since it turned out that it was located in a very small and nondescript plaza.  I don’t usually head towards that area of the city so I also wasn’t familiar with the small plazas.  My tip is that after passing the restaurants on Hwy 7 after McCowan Rd (if you are driving from the west side), slow down and keep your eyes peeled for a small plaza with a sign showing “Centre Plaza. 5460”).

Nevertheless, I found it and walked in.  It was very plain inside and I immediately could tell that it was Chinese-run from the lack of decor and arrangement of the place inside.  The female at the reception was cheery and friendly and took my Groupon voucher info and I paid the $5 for the tax.

After visiting the restroom down a long hallway — at which time I also was able to look into the other rooms which were just as plain — I was led to the room for my 60-minute massage.  It was clean inside and had some relaxing spa music playing from a box in the corner.

To my surprise (I had prejudgements of the place already as you can tell), it was a really, really satisfying 60-minute deep tissue massage!  The lady who did the massage for me was very thorough, strong in her pressure, and didn’t skimp out on any of the full 60 minutes for me.  She did everything just right, from starting at my back to my legs, using a hot towel to towel off the sections after each deep tissue session, to the head, neck, arms, and even chest (middle of the chest).  She was proper about everything.

I felt very much loosened up after the session and was impressed!

When I left the room, she gave me some water to drink and the receptionist asked how it went and when I’d like to book the next appointment.  It turns out that the female masseuse’s name was Amanda and she was one of the best (reviews on the Groupon site from others also highly recommend Amanda).  How lucky and grateful was I to receive the massage from her then!  But then again, they are a business and would smartly know to provide a top-notch service to a customer who was there for the first time in order to “lure” them in for future appointments.  Anyway, I took their business card and information about their prices to consider if I’d return.

Fuji Natural Comfort Healthcare Centre info

Their business card

Fuji Natural Comfort Healthcare Centre prices

Prices and services offered

While I did really enjoy the massage and thought the masseuse was extremely thorough, I will not be back that quickly.  Compared to some other massage parlours, the environment was a little less to be desired.  Their blankets on the bed weren’t the best quality and felt rough and ‘cheap’ — I did appreciate everything was clean at least.  I think if they jazzed up the place with a better design and painted the walls or something, they could pass for a better looking massage parlour.  All in all, for about $35, that was still an amazing one-hour massage that was worth every dollar.

Groupon says I can purchase this deal again every 90 days.  I totally plan on doing that. 🙂


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