Raclette Suisse at Front Street Foods 2016 (Adelaide Place)

Raclette Suisse

Raclette Suisse at the Front Street Foods at Adelaide Place at 150 York St /181 University Ave

Raclette Suisse offers a unique cheese dish experience.  A full wheel of Swiss Raclette is heated up so that one of its sides is super gooey and melted.  Then, the chef uses a knife to scrape off the bubbly cheese onto a dish, usually with roasted potatoes.  The process is a beautiful one and one that I have admired since watching a viral video of it on social media.  I was adamant about trying it one day as I am a huge foodie and cheese lover, especially of gooey melted cheese! ❤  

When I visited Front Street Foods at Adelaide Place earlier this year, my ultimate goal was to visit Raclette Suisse so that I could try out the Swiss Raclette dish — I was so happy that they were serving it in Toronto!  However, as some of you might remember, I had a sour experience because on my visit, the Swiss Raclette cheese that was provided to me for melting was the last end part of the cheese and the full experience of seeing the melted cheese being scraped off the cheese wheel was not fulfilled.  Although the dish was delicious, I was so disappointed. 😦  (Click to read about that visit.)

Again, this was the video that inspired me so much:

When I shared my experience and disappointment on social media, Raclette Suisse saw my comments and private messaged me.  They agreed that my cheese experience was definitely less than spectacular for me and informed me that they were willing to invite me to try the cheese dish again, this time on a complimentary basis.  I was so grateful and jumped at the chance to have a better Raclette cheese experience.

Thus, I went to Front Street Foods at Adelaide Place again — this time right after the lunch hour on a weekday — to try it out.  There were a lot more people at Front Street Foods this time around.

Front Street Foods at Adelaide Place

Front Street Foods at Adelaide Place, a beautiful summer food market in the middle of the city

I had left my name with Raclette Suisse so they were expecting me.  I got to try the Raclette Suisse cheese with the garlic fried potatoes and kale and chili vinaigrette salad again — with the added roasted honey garlic sausage too.

Raclette Suisse

Raclette Suisse booth

“Raclette is a semi-hard cow’s milk cheese that is usually fashioned into a wheel. It is most commonly used for melting. It is also a Swiss dish based on heating the cheese and scraping off (racler) the melted part.” (quoted from Wikipeida)

Swiss raclette cheese

Two full wheels of Swiss raclette cheese!

Swiss raclette cheese

Display of their finished dish

It was really nice to see the full wheels of cheese on display.  I took two videos, the first one showing the cheese bubbling up as it was being heated.  This was more like it! 😀

Raclette Cheese bubbling up

Cheese bubbling up under the heated lamp

Thus, I finally got to have a better experience of the Raclette Suisse.  Thank you so much, Raclette Suisse for offering me to try your dish again.  I really appreciated your attention to customer service.


The kale and chili vinaigrette salad was fresh and there were abundant garlic fried potatoes in the box.  The Raclette cheese had melted all over the potatoes which was looked so good.  The roasted honey garlic sausage was just slightly charred.

 Raclette Suisse

Raclette Suisse. $13.28
-Broiled Suisse rachelle cheese over garlic fried potatoes with kale and chili vinaigrette salad
-added roasted honey garlic sausage. $2.66

The process:

 Raclette Suisse

This was very satisfying to watch in front of me

 Raclette Suisse

That gooey melted cheese is to die for!

I would definitely have this again in the future if I am given the opportunity.  For example, I would love to try it in the Raclette cheese restaurant in NYC where it was first made famous.

 Front Street Foods

The rest of the food market open in full swing on their last week of operations

Raclette Suisse is closing up shop at Front Street Foods this week (actually tomorrow on August 5) and will be heading to the CNE next where you can find them to try this unique cheese-eating experience yourself as well!  Be sure to bring your phone or camera out to take photos and videos! 🙂

FTC Disclaimer:  Although Raclette Suisse invited me to a complimentary tasting to try their food, the opinions expressed here represent my own and not those of the company.

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