Cho Sun Ok

 Cho Sun Ok cold noodles

Cho Sun Ok located at 7353 Yonge Street in Thornhill

The first time I dined at Cho Sun Ok was many, many years ago.  This was before they had renovated and still had an open space restaurant (and also before this blog existed!).  During that first visit, I had tried their cold noodles (which were very well known at Cho Sun Ok and recommended to me by a friend) and I had found the dish to be quite ordinary and it didn’t really appeal to me.  Fast forward to today though, I really wanted to return back to Cho Sun Ok to try these cold noodles again to refresh my impression of the restaurant.  

Cho Sun Ok Korean Restaurant storefront

Cho Sun Ok Korean Restaurant

Cho Sun Ok Korean Restaurant interior

Newly renovated space with partitions for privacy (and to maximize tables)

Cho Sun Ok is located on Yonge Street near Clark Avenue in Thornhill.  They are a Korean restaurant and when I arrived on a Saturday evening at 7 p.m., there were many people (including a lot of Koreans) waiting both inside and outside for a table.  I was a little afraid that the wait would take long since there were so many people there!  I was also surprised to find that their interior space had been completely renovated so that there were partitions separating nearly all of the tables in the restaurant.  This completely maximized the area of the restaurant and helped them to ensure fast turnaround for tables too.  This definitely confirmed to me that they are extremely popular now and especially when there are local Koreans dining in too.

Cho Sun Ok menu and prices

Cho Sun Ok menu

I got a number from the front desk and after waiting for about half an hour, we were called to a table.  (They provide free wifi to their customers.)

Their menu is located on their paper place mat.  Both Jen and I ordered the Mool Naengmyun, the famous cold noodle dish, which had thin arrowroot noodles in slushy broth.  It was a little difficult to get the servers’ attention at times because we were sitting near the back of the restaurant, the servers were busy, and it was difficult for them to see us too past the partitions.  Perhaps one of those call buttons would be useful for the tables at the back. 🙂

 Banchan at Cho Sun Ok


Our bowls of Mool Naengmyun arrived shortly.  When the server brought the food to our table via a tray on wheels, the soft boiled egg was actually sitting on top of the noodles in the bowl, perching as a nice presentation with the radish and cucumbers too.  I wasn’t able to get a photo of this in time but he used a pair of scissors to cut apart the noodles into four before setting the bowl onto our table.  Perhaps from looking at the photo, you can see where the noodles have been cut and separated into four. 🙂

Mool Naengmyun

Mool Naengmyun. $10.95
-thin arrowroot noodles in slushy broth

 Thin arrowroot noodles held up by chopsticks

Thin arrowroot noodles in slushy broth

The arrowroot noodles were thin and topped with a little bit of kimchi — which provided a little spice to the noodles which were otherwise plain in a good way.  (They also brought three side dishes to our table — kimchi, an apple and potato salad, and pickled radish.)  I was extremely pleased with how the arrowroot noodles were so soft yet firm.  The ice slush near the sides of the bowl kept the noodles cold.  A sip of the soup made me notice how refreshing the broth was too!  There were also cucumbers, radish, and a half boiled egg in the rest of the bowl.

It was definitely an ample portion of noodles for one person and really worth it for $10.95, I thought!  Now I knew why people loved this cold noodle dish from Cho Sun Ok so much.  (Also, when you see the local Korean community lining up to eat at this restaurant, that’s a huge indication as to how authentic and good the food is!)

 Egg in slushy broth

Chilled half boiled egg

I only tried one dish this time so I’d love to return in the future to try more.  Watch this space for an updated post in the future as I return to try more dishes!

Cho Sun Ok Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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