Hotel Review: Soo Hotel (Goodstay Soo Motel)

Soo Hotel

Soo Hotel located at Gangmun-dong, Gangneung-si, KW in South Korea

For our third night staying in Gangneung, South Korea, we resided at Soo Hotel (which appears as Goodstay Soo Motel when searching it online).  We stayed here for one night on September 16, 2016.

Soo Hotel is situated really close to Gyeongpo Beach and thus has an amazing view in the rooms.  Gangneung is a city well-known for its beautiful sunrises since it is situated on the east coast of the island.  When I say “really close”, I mean once you exit the hotel lobby, you immediately see the shoreline and can walk on the boardwalk on the beach right away.  It was definitely a nice hotel to stay at because of that.

Their hotel lobby was wide and spacious.  The younger lady at the reception desk was very helpful and able to speak English.

Soo Hotel lobby

Hotel lobby

Soo Hotel rooms

Look how big the room was!

The hotel room was actually huge!  There was a queen-sized bed as well as a double bed in a long rectangular-shaped bedroom with enough space for a vanity extending along the wall, flat-screen TV, mini fridge, a small living room area with couch and tea table, as well as huge ceiling to almost-floor windows fit for watching the sunrise in the morning.  Oh, and definitely free wifi throughout the rooms and lobby.

(There was also a step after you opened the door — you left your shoes here and you wore the provided slippers to walk onto the main hotel room area.  This made the place clean and fresh to walk in with just slippers.)

It was definitely one of the largest single hotel rooms I had stayed at.  It was incredibly spacious!

After staying at the super clean and modern Seongyojang House for two nights and used to how clean and immaculate everything was, staying at Soo Hotel definitely seemed to be an older and grimier place.  Nevertheless, the view was amazing — you could see the ocean and palm trees.

For example, the washroom definitely looked aged and worn down from wear and tear over the years.

Soo Hotel bathroom

Three-piece bath — simple

It was a little difficult to get the maids to change my bedding because we requested it to be changed.  It was difficult to communicate in Korean but eventually they did understand that I wanted the bed sheets changed.  The older lady at the reception desk wasn’t happy about this as it was obvious in her tone that she didn’t want to have the sheets changed so quickly.  Nevertheless, we all know that the paying customer has a big say and thus they obliged.

Instead of having a kettle and water pitcher inside the room, there are water machines in the hotel hallways where you can dispense hot or cold water.  I really liked this feature!

The next morning, we wanted to watch the sunrise from our window but because it was raining cats and dogs outside, we weren’t able to.

Soo Hotel room views

The view outside our window

Soo Hotel room views

Isn’t this gorgeous? You can see the beach right outside the hotel windows!

However, I would say that Soo Hotel is a good place to stay if you plan on touristing around this part of Gangneung and the beach.  It’s convenient to get around too since there are restaurants and convenience stores all along the street.

Soo Hotel exterior

Soo Hotel from the outside

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