Day & Night Angus Beef Hot Pot Experience! [Defunct]

Day & Night Angus Beef Hot Pot steamed lobster

Day & Night Angus Beef Hot Pot located at 9021 Leslie Street, Unit 9-13 in Richmond Hill

[Sponsored post]  I had the pleasure to dine at Day & Night Angus Beef Hot Pot last night for an amazing dinner of “steam cooking” hot pot!  Day & Night Angus Beef Hot Pot is located at 9021 Leslie Street, Unit 9-13 in the plaza known as “Fusion Place” (the closest major intersection is Leslie and Highway 7) in Richmond Hill.  

Day & Night Angus Beef Hot Pot is the third restaurant to come out from the owner responsible for the first two Day & Night restaurants in Markham.

Day & Night Angus Beef Hot Pot interior

What a nicely designed space!

It occupies a big space and is incredibly upscale and fancy.  This is a great place for a special dinner or outing with friends or family and even for casual dinners when you want some extremely fresh seafood and Angus beef.

The idea behind Day & Night Angus Beef Hot Pot is that they are not just any regular “hot pot” restaurant.  Instead, they use steam cooking (蒸氣火鍋) in order to ensure that all of their seafood and meats are served fresh with the original tastes and flavours intact.  In other words, it is “an innovative way of serving hot pot, keeping the food as fresh as possible with no extra additives”.  Their intention is also for you to enjoy food the way it is meant to be served — natural and without seasoning.  In our busy world, it is so easy to get caught up eating processed and over-seasoned food that our taste buds become over sensitized.  At Day & Night Angus Beef Hot Pot, you can re-introduce your taste buds to enjoy food in its natural state again!

Day & Night Angus Beef Hot Pot condiments

Variety of condiments you can bring back to your table for dipping (but no need, the food is best eaten fresh and au naturale)

Day & Night Angus Beef Hot Pot drinks

Drink selection

I was very excited about trying this new restaurant out.  They have opened for only around two months but word on the street is slowly spreading about this great restaurant.

Day & Night Angus Beef Hot Pot interior

Really attentive and professional staff!

My reservation for two people was at 6:30 p.m.  When we arrived, the host was able to graciously welcome us and lead us to our table.  While it was a table for four people, my mom and I were told to sit on one side so that we could be served by a server on the opposite side for the duration of the evening.  I absolutely loved the the interior design of the restaurant; it was spacious with high ceilings, lofty seats, and was comfortable, well-lit, and really chic all around!

Day & Night Angus Beef Hot Pot interior

I loved the classy ambiance

Day & Night Angus Beef Hot Pot drinks menu

Drinks menu

Day & Night Angus Beef Hot Pot cooking times

Recommended cooking times for each food item!

Our server for the night was Lorna who really did an an exceptional job serving us and making sure we were content the entire night.  She was very thorough in explaining each dish, attentive to our needs, and made sure that we had enough time to savour and enjoy each dish before moving onto the next.  It felt like a five-star service to me!  I was so grateful and happy for the experience. 🙂


媽媽煮山楂 drink

To start off, we ordered drinks.  Seeing as it was a hot pot place and it is easy to get “hot air” after eating the food (like most hot pot places), I ordered a can of 媽媽煮山楂 that helps to cool down your internal heat — it’s a Asian thing.  I liked how refreshing and light it tasted!

The host, before handing us off to Lorna to be taken care of, explained that we would be enjoying Combo B dinner that night.  A quick glance of what Combo B contained told me that it was going to be an amazing feast of fresh meat and seafood!  Combo B included 10 courses of appetizers, fresh seafood, fresh chicken, vegetables, and dessert! ❤

Day & Night Angus Beef Hot Pot menu and prices

The place mat doubles as the menu

Day & Night Angus Beef Hot Pot menu and prices

This is Combo B, the dinner for us that night.
Its regular price is $96 per person but there is a special cash payment price of $75 for 2 persons minimum

Our appetizers arrived very quickly.  Our appetizers included two skewers of Grilled U.S. Certified Angus Beef Kebab and two skewers of Grilled Spain Iberico Pork Kebab.

Grilled U.S. Certified Angus Beef Kebab & Grilled Spain Iberico Pork Kebab

Grilled U.S. Certified Angus Beef Kebab & Grilled Spain Iberico Pork Kebab ❤

Oh wow, I was incredibly impressed with this!!  The Grilled U.S. Certified Angus Beef Kebab was mouth-wateringly tender and moist.  It was just so good because it wasn’t rough or chewy at all.  If you like beef kebabs, you will find that this is like no other!

Grilled U.S. Certified Angus Beef Kebab

Grilled U.S. Certified Angus Beef Kebab

 Grilled Spain Iberico Pork Kebab

Grilled Spain Iberico Pork Kebab

I was next also very impressed with the Grilled Spain Iberico Pork Kebab.  Iberico Pork Kebabs are not cheap and this pork meat was definitely high-quality.  I loved how it was slightly seasoned with some salt and white sesame seeds but otherwise maintained its true taste (just like the beef kebab).  I could already tell that I was in for an amazing rest of the night because the ingredients used were just so premium and delicious!

Our server brought over the seafood platter at this time which was filled with our seafood for the evening.  The fresh seafood sat on top a bed of ice to keep it chilled throughout the night.  We had a whole Canadian PEI lobster, Vancouver clams (note that Combo B usually includes American clams), Canadian fresh oysters, Saltspring mussels, and Vietnamese cuttlefish.  It was a beautiful seafood platter and I just had to take several photos of this! 🙂

Seafood platter for Combo B

Seafood platter for Combo B dinner

Seafood platter for Combo B

A closer view of all the seafood on this platter

Day & Night Angus Beef Hot Pot steamer

A steamer like this sits on every table in the restaurant

In the middle of our big table was the built-in steamer.  It was covered with a large transparent cover with a dedicated spot for the hot steam to escape.  There was a timer on the table that was touch-screen which enabled you to adjust how many minutes you wanted to steam certain items for.  Before we started steaming the seafood, the server poured in the contents for the Spareribs Yummi Congee.  This included rice, clams, spareribs, chicken feet, sun-dried tangerine peel (陈皮), and green onion.  This would serve as the base for the hot pot and the finale dish of the meal (congee!).

Spareribs Yummi Congee ingredients

ingredients for the Spareribs Yummi Congee

Spareribs Yummi Congee

Putting the contents into the bottom of the steamer

Day & Night Angus Beef Hot Pot steamer

No water is added into the congee. This is because when the upcoming food will be steamed, enough condensation will drip down into the contents

 Vancouver Clams on steamer

Putting the Vancouver Clams onto the steamer

The Vancouver Clams were the first seafood to go inside of the steamer.  These Vancouver clams were steamed for two minutes.  After the two minutes were up, the steamer beeped to let you know that they were done.  I loved this technology!  I also really delighted in watching each of the clams open up as they were being steamed.  I took many videos throughout the night to capture this experience too — a photo or two wouldn’t do it enough justice.

 Vancouver Clams in steamer

These Vancouver clams only take 2 minutes to become ready to be eaten!

 Vancouver Clams in steamer

Here they are opening up

 Vancouver Clams in steamer

Ta-da! They are ready to eat now

 Vancouver Clams

Every one of the clams has opened up beautifully

 Vancouver Clams

So fresh!

Once the Vancouver Clams were done being steamed, Lorna used a metal clamp to remove them and placed them onto our plates to enjoy.  On our table, we also had a custom sauce to go with the seafood, soy sauce, and some peppers.  I found that the seafood was so delectable that night that I barely had to use any of the condiments for flavouring.

 Hot pot condiments

Condiments for you to drip the food into (but I didn’t need to use any)

I really enjoyed the Vancouver Clams!  They were so incredibly fresh and I could taste the sweet freshness in each clam.  It was tender and soft as well!

Saltspring mussels in steamer

Saltspring mussels in the steamer

The second seafood to go into the steamer after we were done eating our clams were the Saltspring mussels.  Again, I watched and took a video of these as they opened up.  The steam from the steamer escaped into the air and was caught by one of their perfectly aligned light fixtures (which was in the design of a hot pot) — it was so creative!

The Saltspring mussels were as fresh and tender as the clams.  These were sizable too and looked like pearls!  The freshness just couldn’t be beat.

Saltspring mussels in steamer

These took 2 minutes to become ready as well

Saltspring mussels

The meat was so plump!

Saltspring mussels

The meat was so soft and plump

Vietnamese Cuttlefish

Vietnamese Cuttlefish

Next up, we had the Vietnamese Cuttlefish go into the steamer.  These were also steamed for two minutes.  These were big chunks of cuttlefish too.  Sometimes, when I eat cuttlefish, I am afraid that they will taste very rubbery and chewy (if they are overdone).  However, because the timer was on for exact steaming time, it ensured a perfect well-done cuttlefish.  Lorna advised us to eat these ones with the special sauce.  I loved how the cuttlefish was perfectly steamed and not chewy at all.  Again, the seafood was fresh and tender.

Vietnamese Cuttlefish in steamer

Vietnamese Cuttlefish’s recommended time is 1 minute

Vietnamese Cuttlefish

This tasted tender and not chewy at all!

Vietnamese Cuttlefish

This was recommended to eat with the specialty sauce

Canada PEI Lobster

Canada PEI Lobster on the steamer

The Canada PEI Lobster was up next.  Lorna placed the entire two halves of the lobster and its claws into the steamer; this time for four minutes.  The lobster turned bright red almost immediately while in the steamer and I was already excited to try it out!

The taste of the steamed lobster was definitely fresh.  It’s important to have fresh seafood when you are steaming the food like this otherwise it’s very easy to tell when something is not fresh.  The taste of the steamed lobster was so fresh that it actually reminded me of the seafood that I have had in Hong Kong before.  Hong Kong has some of the best tasting and freshest seafood in the world because they are a fishing city and have access to live seafood all the time.  I was impressed to be tasting such similarly fresh-tasting seafood here right in the GTA!  (And that is rare!)

Canada PEI Lobster on the steamer

It turned red rather quickly

The tomalley of the lobster was so fresh as well.  It was fresh-tasting!

Canada PEI Lobster

Freshly steamed

 Steamed Canada PEI Lobster

Just look at that big chunk of lobster tail! :9

 lobster tomalley guts

Delicious and very fresh tomalley (lobster guts)

 lobster claw

Gigantic and meaty lobster claw!

There was so much meat in the lobster.  The lobster claw was very meaty, perfectly steamed, and well done.  I am actually craving for more of this incredible lobster meat right now while writing this post!

Canadian fresh oysters

Placing the Canadian fresh oysters onto the steamer

The last of the seafood to be placed inside the steamer was the Canadian fresh oysters.  These oysters were interestingly unshucked and Lorna explained to us that by leaving them unshucked while being steamed, they would retain the juices and natural flavouring.

These oysters could be steamed for 2 or 3 minutes, depending on if you like oysters being more raw or cooked.  I like raw-er tasting oysters, so I asked for them to be done in 2 minutes.

 steamed oyster shucking

Lorna shucked the oysters table-side

Canadian fresh oysters

Canadian fresh oysters

When the oysters were done, she shucked them table-side for us.  (If you wanted to, you could opt to shuck them yourself too; some guests prefer to do that for fun.)  The oysters were so big and meaty!  Again, they tasted pure fresh.

Free Range Chicken

Free Range Chicken

By this point, we had completed all of the seafood dishes.  Next up, we had the Free Range Chicken which would also go into the steamer.  Lorna explained that these were “free range” in a special way too because all of the skin, head, and chicken wings of the bird were removed to maintain the purity of the chicken meat.  This fresh Free Range Chicken was also labelled “fresh” because it is not until the customer places the order that the chef in the kitchen actually chops up the chicken — that way, pre-cut chicken does not sit in a fridge like in most restaurants.  It truly is “fresh” chicken!

The chicken was of course steamed for a longer period of time but we were served the chicken breast parts first.  The chicken tasted so natural and fresh.  I didn’t even have to dip it in any sauce to enjoy it.  It was definitely a unique way to enjoy chicken and yet it still tasted so good!

Free Range Chicken

Into the steamer it went

Free Range Chicken

Even the chicken breast meat was tender and tasted good

Six Choices Platter

Six Choices Platter
-Japanese pumpkin, winter melon, enoki mushrooms, napa, taro, sweet corn

The Six Choices Platter of vegetables entered the steamer next.  We had Japanese pumpkin, winter melon, enoki mushrooms, napa, taro, and sweet corn as the six types of vegetables.  Everything was fresh and we especially liked the sweetness of the Japanese pumpkin.  Yum!

By this point (and even before the chicken), I was already feeling so full.  This was an incredible amount of food and when eating slowly and pacing ourselves, we found we were feeling full gradually.

 Six Choices Platter

Putting the vegetables onto the steamer

 Six Choices Platter

The Vegetables took the most amount of time to be ready (made sense because you want the vegetables to be cooked thoroughly and soft)


This was my second drink of the night; another “cooling” drink called 加多實

Spareribs Yummi Congee

Spareribs Yummi Congee was now ready!

After the vegetables, it was time to reveal the Spareribs Yummi Congee that had been in progress throughout the meal.  The rice had broken down and the sauce from each of the previous seafood and chicken had dripped through the steamer to be mixed into the congee.  Lorna helped us to two bowls of this.  The congee was full of flavour from the steamed items.  It was a very comfort-food type of congee too.  The chicken foot was incredibly smooth and its texture unlike most that I have eaten before.

Spareribs Yummi Congee

Spareribs Yummi Congee — so many ingredients in it!

Since we were so full, Lorna graciously helped us pack the remaining congee for us to take home.  Even their take-out box is custom-designed and reflects the ritzy tone of the restaurant.

 Day & Night take-out box

Day & Night Angus Beef Hot Pot specially designed take-out box

Napolean and black sesame mango jello

Chef’s Special Choice Dessert: Napolean and black sesame mango jello

The dessert was a “Chef’s Special Choice“.  That night, it was a Napolean dessert and a black sesame and mango jello.

The Napolean dessert had very wonderful flaky crusts with vanilla ice cream sandwiched between the two crusts.  It was a great dessert; not too sweet or too much.

The black sesame and mango “jello” was dense and rich in flavour of both mango and black sesame.  Delicious!

I have to thank the staff at Day & Night Angus Beef Hot Pot profusely for a most excellent dinner and wonderful dinner service.  They made sure the entire dinner experience went smoothly from start to finish.  The food was incredibly fresh and delicious, I loved the unique style of cooking, the environment was beautiful, and the service was again, outstanding and unbeatable.  I couldn’t have asked for a better dinner experience and really want to share this restaurant with my readers.

Day & Night Angus Beef Hot Pot

You can see all of the steam at each table

Day & Night Angus Beef Hot Pot

I loved this little detail in the light fixture that also helped to suck up the steam

Day & Night Angus Beef Hot Pot interior

Gigantic venue for steam hot pot

Day & Night Angus Beef Hot Pot interior

You can see how posh this place is with the high ceilings

Day & Night Angus Beef Hot Pot foie gras

Frozen foie gras seen in the freezer

Day & Night Angus Beef Hot Pot prices

Banner showing their menu and prices

Day & Night Angus Beef Hot Pot first time experience

A most satisfying meal!

They have so many more items on their menu that you can choose from and customize — you don’t have to choose from the combo dinners and can order a la carte if you like.

They are currently open for dinner from 4 p.m. onwards until 1 a.m. in the morning.  They plan on expanding to a lunch menu soon for the weekend as well!  You can stay tuned on their updates on their website here.

I can really see this restaurant having success with their clients due to their attention to detail and quality of ingredients.  Anyone wanting a healthy meal will definitely be pleased with the food!  There was absolutely no MSG, seasonings, extra oil, or additives in any of the dishes.

(Also, make sure that you visit their restrooms before you leave.  It must have been one of the nicest and creatively designed restrooms I have ever been to — 3D reflective shiny floors and a cat wearing sunglasses as the mirrors.  And no, I didn’t take a photo of the restrooms [unfortunately] :P. )

Day & Night Angus Beef Hot Pot exterior

The entrance

Day & Night Angus Beef Hot Pot exterior

The restaurant stretches several units!

Thank you for having me, Day & Night Angus Beef Hot Pot!!

Day & Night Angus Beef Hot Pot business card

Their business card

FTC Disclaimer:  Although Day & Night Angus Beef Hot Pot reached out and invited me to a complimentary tasting to review their restaurant, the opinions expressed here represent my own and not those of the restaurant.

Day & Night Angus Beef Hot Pot Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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