First Time at Paintlounge Markham!

Paintlounge Markham

Paintlounge Markham located at 118 Main Street Markham North in Markham

This was my first time painting at Paintlounge and in particular, their Markham studio!  We had wanted to take a painting workshop and I bought this Groupon a couple of months ago.  The Paintlounge website shows a selection of ‘easy’, ‘moderate’, and ‘challenge’ paintings for you to choose from to paint at the studio during weeknights.  The process to booking a time slot on their website to redeem the Groupon coupon code was seamless and easy too.

When we arrived at the Main Street Markham studio on a Friday night before our allotted painting time at 7:30 p.m., the studio was already set up with the blank canvases at each easel.  We donned some smocks and waited for the rest of the attendees to arrive before our instructor for the night showed us the process in gathering our paints, our sponges, palettes, and paintbrushes.

Paintlounge Markham studio

The studio

Northern Lights, the painting we would be painting that night.

Northern Lights painting

Northern Lights example

Paintlounge paintings

Other paintings

We spent the rest of the night, close to three hours from beginning to end, to recreate the Northern Lights painting in our own stylings.  It was a really fun night that was relaxing and enriching for the soul.  The Groupon also included a free drink (it was limited to tea or Americano apparently).

 Paintlounge Markham drink prices

Drinks menu and prices

Paintlounge paints

We started off with light blue and light blue and then moved on to the purples and dark blues

We also made use of hair dryers during the painting process to speed up the drying so that we could complete the overlay of the trees in our painting.  This was a unique way of drying paint that I had never used before.

Paintlounge painting

Looked like girl and boy gender colours at first XD

 Northern Lights painting process

Slowly coming together after the rest of the sky was filled in

 Northern Lights painting process

Trees, reach up!

All in all, a very satisfying and fun night at Paintlounge!  I’d previously been to Paint Nite and while there were similarities, Paintlounge was definitely a different experience to be painting in a studio with the instructor demonstrating the process of the painting briefly on a smaller canvas.

 Northern Lights Paintlounge

Our completed paintings 🙂

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3 Responses to First Time at Paintlounge Markham!

  1. gchan7127 says:

    So beautiful! Good job, Karen!!! 🙂

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