Poké Bowls at Poke Eats!

Poke Eats

Poke Eats located at 4750 Yonge St, Unit 118 in Toronto

Poke Eats is a brand new restaurant that has opened up in the midtown area of Yonge and Sheppard in a new commercial complex that serves poké bowls!  As far as I know, there isn’t any other Hawaiian poke bowl restaurant in this part of Toronto yet and I was very grateful to be able to try out this two-week old restaurant.  Poké bowls are a Hawaiian-inspired dish that contain marinated raw fish, assorted vegetables, and sauce on top of rice.  It’s become quite the trendy food in Toronto as of late!

Poke Eats storefront

Poke Eats right outside of Yonge-Sheppard subway station!


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At Poke Eats (located on the lower level at the complex at 4750 Yonge Street, Unit 118), you can choose from either their Signature Poké Bowls or their BYOB Build Your Own Bowl.  They are committed to using the highest-quality sourced fish to create poké bowls with a Japanese twist.  Ray Choo is the executive chef behind it all with over 10 years of experience in the food industry.

I was greeted by one of the really friendly female staff members and she explained to me about their poké bowls.  As of now, their two most popular choices are the Poke Eats or It’s Lit poké bowls.

 Poke Eats menu and prices

Their menu as of time of visiting

 Poke Eats poké bowls

Two poké bowls to go, please! XD

I ordered the It’s Lit Signature Bowl to try while Mandy ordered the Poke Eats Signature Bowl to try.  For my bowl, I asked to try the black sushi rice since I had never seen that offered before in a poké bowl.  I also asked to try the crab salad in my poke bowl too since I absolutely adore crab salad and I wanted to see how they made it here.

After our orders were made, Mandy and I tried them out in the food court just around the corner.  Poke Eats does have a small area for dine-in too!  Their sturdy poké bowl plastic bowl containers are perfect for take-out.

 Poke Eats poké bowls

Yummy! Regular sized orders with lots of garnishes

It's Lit Signature Bowl

It’s Lit Signature Bowl. $10.99
-black sushi rice, salmon, spicy mayo, avocado, spicy cucumber, cherry tomato

The It’s Lit Signature Bowl contained black sushi rice, salmon, spicy mayo, avocado, spicy cucumber, and cherry tomato.  Like I had mentioned, mine also contained white sushi rice as a mix and crab salad.  I really liked it.  The portion size was decent, perfect for lunch or dinner.  The chunks of salmon were really fresh which is so important when making poké bowls.  The spicy mayo was perfect for my tastes since it wasn’t too spicy but had just enough spice to make everything sing.  Avocados are also a great addition to any dish containing raw fish and the crab salad was wonderful with not too much dressing.  All in all, it was a really great tasting poké bowl and I know for a fact that Poke Eats should do very well in this area (full of offices and workers needing a quick lunch or dinner) as long as they are able to promote themselves well.

It's Lit Signature Bowl

You can see the black sushi rice peek out from under the raw fish and garnishes

It's Lit Signature Bowl

In this angle, you can see the crab salad in the poké bowl

Mandy’s Poke Eats Signature Bowl contained white sushi rice, tuna, maple sesame shoyu, cucumber, sweet corn, and crab salad.  It looked great as well and when I tried the tuna, I liked it.  Mandy absolutely loved this.

Poke Eats Signature Bowl

Poke Eats Signature Bowl. $10.99
-white sushi rice, tuna, maple sesame shoyu, cucumber, sweet corn, crab salad

Poke Eats fish

Fish art 😛

Before we left the complex, I had a chance to speak to Ray about Poke Eats.  His passion and dedication towards healthy, fresh poké bowls was inherent in the way he spoke about his creations.

I really liked the clean and simple design of the restaurant.  It was a very modern place to grab a quick bite while enjoying delicious poké.

Thank you so much to Virginia and Raymond again for inviting me to Poke Eats to try out their poké bowls! ^_^

 Poke Eats poké bowl

Holding up the poké bowl against their logo

 Poke Eats building Yonge

This is what you see as you approach the complex on Yonge Street

FTC Disclaimer:  Although Poke Eats reached out and invited me to a complimentary tasting to review their restaurant, the opinions expressed here represent my own and not those of the restaurant.

Poke Eats Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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  1. gchan7127 says:

    There’s also a location around Bay and Dundas, I think! It’s Poke something… not sure if it’s Poke eats but the word Poke is part of it. Hahaha 😛 It’s so yummy!

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