New Ma La Tang Noodle Soups at Spicy Mafia [Defunct]

Spicy Mafia Ma La Tang Noodle Soups

Spicy Mafia located at 20 Gibson Drive, Unit 111A in Markham

Spicy Mafia (得裝麻辣燙), a restaurant that specializes in hot pot and mini hot pots, now has a brand new item on their menu!  They now serve “ma la tang” customizable noodle soups for lunch and dinner (they also offer delivery).  The idea is simple enough:  You choose from the wide array of 39 toppings in their fridge and place it on a provided plate.  The staff then weighs it for you, at a cost of $8.99/lb.   You pick a soup base from the choice of six as well as any additional toppings and drinks or snacks you would like to enjoy with your meal.  Then you sit back in your seat and within 5 minutes, your bowl of DIY soup is ready!

Spicy Mafia Ma La Tang selection

4 Steps to making your own bowl of Ma La Tang!

Spicy Mafia Ma La Tang toppings

39 fresh toppings!

As of now, the soup bases that they offer are:

  •  Signature Spicy Soup
  •  Spicy Ecstasy Soup
  •  Classic Chongqing Style Spicy Soup
  •  Coconut Laksa Soupbase
  •  Pickled Cabbage Soup
  •  Housemade Pork Bone Soup

For the spicy soup bases, you can also choose the level of spice you want:  Mild, regular, medium, or extreme.

Spicy Mafia Ma La Tang Dine-in menu

Dine-in menu

Last time at the tasting which showcased their mini hot pots, I had chosen their Housemade Pork Bone Soup Base (which was absolutely delicious by the way), so I chose the Pickled Cabbage Soup this time.  In addition to the multitude of toppings that I picked out of their chilled shelf (I pretty much picked 35 out of the 39 provided toppings), I also picked the mussels, shrimp, and New Zealand spring lamb as additional toppings.  (Last time I was here, I didn’t get to try the mussels and the shrimp that I did get slipped out of my bowl before I had a chance to try it. XD)

Spicy Mafia Ma La Tang weigh

Weighing the noodles and toppings

Housemade Winter Melon Tea, Kiwi Juice

Housemade Winter Melon Tea. $2.99
Kiwi Juice.$4.99

I also tried the Housemade Winter Melon Tea.  I really enjoyed this!  It was sweet but tasted mellow and perfect for a hot soup base of noodles.

My mom was my guest and she chose the Kiwi Juice.  This was delicious too with chunks of kiwi fruit and jelly at the bottom of the mason jar cup.

We were treated to a serving of the Chicken Nuggets served with Tartar Sauce from their snack selection.  These chicken nuggets were fried like pork cutlets and I enjoyed them very much.  The chicken meat was tender while its exterior was fried just slightly.  Yummy!

Chicken Nuggets served with Tartar Sauce

Chicken Nuggets served with Tartar Sauce. $3.99

My mom chose the Signature Spicy Soup as her soup base, with lots of noodles and toppings, and added the mussels, pork slice, and certified Angus beef slices as her additional toppings.

Pickled Cabbage Soup

Pickled Cabbage Soup

When our bowls of noodles came out, I was surprised with how large they were.  I did load up my bowl of noodles with 35 out of 39 of the provided toppings so my bowl was definitely overflowing.  At this tasting, I wanted to try nearly all of their toppings and I was able to do so.  I really enjoyed my Pickled Cabbage Soup base as it was slightly pickled yet included a hint of spice too.  It was delicious.

What I really admired were their different types of fish and beef balls.  Each one was unique and two of them contained additional filling inside of it too.  There was a particularly spicy beef ball that tasted like the Signature Spicy Soup too.  The ingredients were all very fresh!

Signature Spicy Soup

Signature Spicy Soup

I tried a sip of the Signature Spicy Soup from my mom’s bowl of noodles too and liked the spiciness level.  Since her selection of toppings included a lot of noodles, the kitchen actually placed her selections in two separate bowls.  I think that perhaps Spicy Mafia could provide larger bowls so that in such a case, the customer can enjoy all of their selected toppings in one bowl. 🙂


Signature Spicy Soup

Close-up of one of the Signature Spicy Soup bowls

Housemade Pork Bone Soup base

Housemade Pork Bone Soup base

I took my time to enjoy my big bowl of Picked Cabbage Soup DIY Ma La Tang noodles.  Thank you to those who waited for me to finish the bowl as I know it must have taken a lot of patience!  Haha.  Thank you again to Spicy Mafia, the staff, and the PR company for inviting me to try out this new item. 🙂

Spicy Mafia interior

Love their mural on the wall

Spicy Mafia Take-out/Delivery Menu

Take-out/Delivery Menu

Spicy Mafia storefront

They are located close to majoy intersection of Warden and Steeles

FTC Disclaimer:  Although Spicy Mafia reached out and invited me to a complimentary tasting, the opinions expressed here represent my own and not those of the company.


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