Hakka Ren in Mississauga

Dec 16, 2018:
After paintball and a visit to a relative’s place that was in the area, we ultimately decided to eat dinner in Mississauga before driving home back to the east end. Hakka Ren is one of many restaurants in this complex (Mississ where the Oceans supermarket is.

I haven’t had Hakka food in a long time even though everything about Hakka food tickles my taste buds. They have the sauciest savory dishes and lots of fried morsels like chicken lollipops and pakora fritters. Such dishes really hits the comfort spot when cravings hit. It’s funny that I rarely eat Hakka food.

We arrived inside Hakka Ren early for a 5 p.m. dinner, which was nice. We ordered the Ginger Chicken and the Vegetable Yin Yang Rice (as I wanted more vegetables in my diet).

The Ginger Chicken was super saucy and the batter reminded me of fish fillets. The chicken morsels drowned in the heavy sauce. I couldn’t detect much ginger flavour or actual ginger pieces. Is this dish supposed to be a misnomer?!
The Vegetable Yin Yang Rice was mostly noodles and fried rice (in a soy-sauce like colour). There were mostly brocooli chunks but other than that, tiny and barely detectable cubes of carrots and onions. This is more of a noodle/rice dish (carbs) instead of vegetables.
We received fortune cookies at the end of the meal, at which point the restaurant had filled up already and people were waiting for a table.

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