CSR testing

February 16, 2019:

I did the CSR testing today!!  This is actually the very first time that I’ve done any sort of live in-person testing!  Seeing as I did my steno studies online, I also did all of my steno tests in school in that fashion and so I’ve never done any type of live testing ever.  It was a really good experience to be able to do that today. 😀  

The CSR exam comprises of a written knowledge component, and three legs of verbal tests: 160 wpm jury charge, 180 wpm Q and A, 200 wpm Q and A.  The last test I passed back in steno school to obtain my diploma in court reporting was a 160 wpm jury charge.  I hadn’t ever passed any 180 wpm or 200 wpm test before.

The tests given to us today didn’t contain many technical or multi-syllabic words and was quite reasonable in difficulty level.  That being said, sometimes the hardest barrier to passing a test is the mental blocks such as test nerves, jitters, and factors not related to your actual skill.  Testing is a whole other ball game.  I remember the days when I used to test at home and how nervous I would get.  My hands would be shaking and I wouldn’t be able to concentrate enough to write down each word.  It’s a mind game.  The moment you think you are getting it all down is the moment when you have to ignore that voice in your head and just keep going.

I went into the test today not expecting much of it.  I know I’ve written in bursts of 200 to 250wpm before while on the job but to sustain the accuracy at 5-minute takes is something else.  I set a low bar for myself as I didn’t want any pressure.  As long as I pass any two of the four components, I’ll be happy.

I barely did any extraneous practice before the test and aside from my regular steno work (which still exercises the brain).

I’m super curious to see my results.  Maybe I’ll be pleasantly surprised.  If not, there is always next year too.  Although knowing how attainable it is next year now that I’ve tried the test for the first time, I might actually get ahead of myself and jinx the process and my results.  We’ll see.


I passed it!  I passed it!!!!! 😁😁😁😁😁😁  Got 97.2% on my 200 wpm test, 99% on my 180 wpm test, and 97.6% on my 160 wpm test!!!  Written knowledge test, 93%.  So I need to work on my punctuation (easy fix) and not dropping odd words here and there. 🤗

Next up, the RPR?!???????????????

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5 Responses to CSR testing

  1. Christopher Day says:

    Next up, RPR. Congratulations on your pass. Remember that though important, certifications do not dictate who you are or how much you can make. Marketability is key. And if you are consistently reliable, on time, and have good coverage radius, or in the legal world offer certain things like daily or clean rough draft, you have extremely marketable skills regardless of certification. And hopefully that helps push you to know you have what it takes to get those certs!
    Again, great job!

    • stenoodie says:

      Thank you for the sincere comments, Christopher! You are absolutely right about that. I will keep striving to provide clean daily rough drafts while improving my dictionary and speed.

  2. gchan7127 says:

    That is so impressive, Karen!! Congratulations!!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻😊😊😊

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