Facial Sheet Mask Review: Leaders Mediu Amino Moisture Mask

November 2019:  This next sheet mask I’m reviewing is called Leaders Mediu Amino Moisture Mask.  I heard about the “Leaders” brand from reading online forums where a few sheet mask enthusiasts vouched for this brand.  Thus, when I was in the shop, I browsed for and bought this brand of sheet masks to try. 

This brand of facial sheet masks is from Korea and has a very straight-forward and medical-looking aesthetic on its box packaging.  (Who cares what the package design looks like if the sheet mask does what it says though.)

There are 10 sheet masks inside the box and each sheet mask contains 25 mL of essence.

This Amino Moisture Mask specifically targets “dry and tense skin” but also says it is for all skin types (so which is it?).  It’s also for “skin with an oil-moisture imbalance”.

I liked how this sheet mask specifically advertises how they contain no parabens (it’s unfortunate that a lot of sheet masks actually contain parabens!).  In addition, the ingredients also tout no mineral oil, no silicone, and no artificial colours.  Sometimes, I think the lack of these products should be a no-brainer in products that we use on human skin, but I guess lower quality products sell easier because they’re cheaper…

Anyway, each sheet mask pouch was shaped like a medical container or pill bottle.  It was very sterile-looking.

The mask was a little difficult to unfold after opening the pouch, and it was heavily drenched with serum — a very good thing.  I placed the sheet mask on to my face and it fit so well!  The length and width of the sheet mask was just right — so satisfying when everything fits well.  There was a little fragrance that smelled really nice but was not overpowering.

The package touted having 25 ml of serum in the pouch.  I believed this to be true as I definitely had more than enough leftover essence inside the pouch to smooth over my face, neck, and arms.

What I also noticed that the thick essence soaked up very quickly into my neck and arms, something that not all sheet mask essence actually does.  Sometimes, the essence sits on top of my skin for a while, but the serum from this Leaders Mediu Amino Moisture Mask actually soaked in quickly and left a very velvety smooth texture on my skin.  (It was a little sticky upon touch but dried very smooth on my skin.)  Perhaps what the online fans say about this product is true.  No wonder it had such praise and was a fan favourite.

The mask instructions called to be left on for 15 to 20 minutes before taking it off.  As always, I tend to leave the mask on longer for what the instructions call for.  I took the mask off after an hour.  The sheet mask was still really damp and heavy with the essence.

Upon taking off the sheet mask, I scrunched up and wiped the remaining sheet all over my legs and arms.  The essence was actually quite sticky and left a shiny sheen over my skin.  From this, I realized that the essence was actually so thick and dense, more so than other brands.  The thick leftover essence didn’t dry as quickly as when it was smoothed on my face, but what happened was that my skin became thoroughly hydrated from the thick essence overnight.

I can see why this mask is so popular and why it’s ultra moisturizing.  I would definitely continue to buy more of this Leaders Amino Moisture Mask.  I’m especially excited to see how it fares for dry winter skin over time, especially so for harsh Canadian winters.

January 2020 update:  Out of all the masks I have tested so far, this Leaders brand remains a solid go-to mask.  I like how concentrated the serum is, loved how well it fits my face, and how hydrated my face (and arms and legs) feel afterwards.

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4 Responses to Facial Sheet Mask Review: Leaders Mediu Amino Moisture Mask

  1. smkelly8 says:

    Haven’t used this particular Leaders mask, but the one’s I have used fall in line with your review. I heard (from one if not more of my favorite K-Beauty vloggers) that Leaders focuses exclusively on sheet masks, which is why there’s are super.

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