Sky 726 Kitchen and Bar in Mong Kok

It’s a fancy Saturday dinner night!  Google Maps informed me that there was a highly rated French fusion restaurant called Sky 726 Kitchen and Bar that was recommended by a few food lists to check out.  Despite the current ongoing risks to walking in and about Mong Kok, we decided to go check it out anyway. 

We arrived at 726 Nathan Road and boarded the elevator to the 25th floor where Sky 726 Kitchen and Bar.  I was a little surprised to see absolutely no other customers there when we arrived at 6:30 p.m.  We had no reservations and were promptly seated at a window four-seater which faced the glorious skyline of Hong Kong.  To quell my discomfort, there was quickly another party who arrived and then more patrons who arrived and filled up more of the tables as the night went on.  Phew.

The menu had lots to choose from, including a four-course generic menu.  I like how they had a dedicated vegetarian menu section in the back of their main menu too.  The male staff informed us that all drinks were 15% off that evening.

We didn’t choose the four-course menu but opted to try items a la carte.  We had one appetizer, two main courses, a drink, and a dessert.

The view was splendid.  However, this night, all I could really care about were the drastic decline of pedestrians noted on the street and whenever there were police sirens.  I’ve never seen Hong Kong this empty before.  The streets were like a ghost town.

The drink I had was a white beer called Bianca Lancia, a pure malt ale brewed with organic barley and wheat malts.  It has “a fresh and fruity taste, a low bitterness, and is slightly acid with a thick creamy and adherent head”.  It won the European beer of the year in 2016, the china beer awards in 2016 and is 100 per organic and made in Italy.

The server poured the bottle table side into a long-stemmed beer glass.  It was orange in flavour and easy to drink.  It didn’t taste too bitter either as the description claimed.

In actuality, I should have ordered a cocktail from this splendid bar (since cocktails showcare the talents and capabilities of the bar more than ready/store-bought beer) but I wanted a drink, a beer specifically, that would cool off any heatiness I had.

As for food, we ordered the Bone Marrow with Escargots appetizer.  This took forever to come. 😦  I looked at the time stamps of my photos, and it took approximately 26 minutes for the appetizer to arrive.  That’s too long to wait for the first course when there weren’t even that many guests in the restaurant.  The anticipation was further enhanced since we desired a quick dinner in order to get home quickly.

When the Bone Marrow with Escargots did arrive, it was a terrific appetizer.  Escargot and bone marrow are two of my favourite appetizers, so to see them together on one platter was a dream.  The escargots were lined up carefully along the bone marrow with three crispy toasts and salad on the side.  A small spoon was provided for us to scoop the marrow onto the crisps to eat.  We asked for an extra spoon for quicker eating instead of sharing the single spoon.

The bone marrow was ample and just fat enough to be delicious.  The crispy toast was SO good.  The escargots didn’t have a lot of flavour.  I guess the best way to eat escargots is still baked with garlic in a dish. 🙂

We ordered two mains to share.  The first main arrived on its own, which was fine since we wouldn’t have wanted them to be served together just for presentation.

Our first main course was the Stuffed Cannelloni with Ricotta Cheese & Wagyu Beef.  The wagyu definitely caught my eye, and I wanted some Italian cannelloni which led to this pick.  After receiving it and eating it though, I realized that the wagyu beef was a bit wasted since it was actually contained within the cannelloni itself.  You couldn’t taste the pureness of the wagyu beef which misses the point of having wagyu versus any other kind of beef.

The stuffed cannelloni was drowned in a pool of thick tomato sauce.  The tomato sauce was actually not sour at all and a good consistency.  I cleaned it all up.  It was so delicious.  The cannelloni was tasty and easy to eat.  We cleaned up the dish in a matter of minutes.

The second main course was served about 18 minutes after the first one — again, it felt like a long wait.  This second dish was the Miso Glazed Black Cod with Daikon in Dashi.  Black cod is such a common item in fancy restaurants and it was done well here too.  The strip of black cod sat on top of two daikon columns with the dashi soup all around it.  I had to be careful to cut the black cod because I didn’t want it to fall into the dashi.  The black cod came away in flakes and was thoroughly well cooked.  It was slightly sweet due to the miso glaze on top.

The daikon was smooth and the dashi broth was clear and tasty.  It would have been nice for this dish to be accompanied with some carbs like rice or noodles… but then again I understand that fancy restaurants do not pair their dishes like this.  Usually, the feature item is a standalone.

We ordered a dessert (because why not) which was the Flamin’ Chocolate Fireball.  This didn’t take long to arrive and was an experience worth filming.  The server brought forward the platter of the chocolate ball surrounded with diced up fruits.  She then had a serving cup of flames that she poured on to the chocolate ball.  I love dessert experiences like this.  It was so cool.

The chocolate ball was on fiyah! 😀   The server told us that the dessert was ready to be eaten once the flames started to die down.  The flames licked around the chocolate sphere and melted it to reveal white vanilla ice cream underneath.

The quality of this dessert was obvious.  The chocolate was rich and also a bit bitter, signalling true quality dark chocolate.  I actually liked the refreshness of the plain vanilla ice cream to cut up the bitterness and strong chocolate flavours.  Some of the chocolate ball stuck on to the plate after everything had melted down.  It was a really good quality chocolate dessert and a feast for the eyes.

Overall, the portions of the food at Sky 726 weren’t very big and so we were just satisfied enough.  To feel filler, we could have ordered another main course or appetizer.  Nevertheless, this was a really cool experience to be able to dine on the 25th floor and overlook Nathan Road and the rest of Hong Kong.  The skyline was gorgeous with all the sparkling lights.  I only wish that the ongoing protests outside didn’t spark such fear in me all night while dining there.  XD

Because of the unique views and romantic atmosphere, Sky 726 Kitchen and Bar is the perfect restaurant to enjoy a New Year’s Eve dinner, holiday dinner, or special occasion.  At the time of our visit in November, the staff had already decorated the restaurant in full Christmas and holiday gear.

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