Manakamana Nepali Restaurant in Hong Kong

Manakamana Nepali Restaurant

Manakamana Nepali Restaurant

For something different, we had Nepalese food for lunch!  Manakamana Nepali Restaurant is a little gem on Temple Street in Hong Kong that serves authentic Nepalese food.  It’s a mom and pop shop too, which makes it even more genuine and charming. 

The restaurant is a one-room dining space that’s cozy and comfortable.  The menu is very extensive with lots to choose from (you can definitely come back and order different items to try on each visit).  We ended up ordering one of the combo sets and then two a la carte items.  The service here was cordial and relaxed, as expected from such a small family style restaurant.

The Gundruk Soup from the “Special Gorkhali Bhancha Set B” was the first to arrive.  This was a fermented green vegetable leaves soup, a traditional Nepalese soup.  Despite being a thin consistency, the soup was rich in flavour.  It was cooked with lots of vegetables and beans.  The flavour was definitely unique but tasty.

The rest of the “Special Gorkhali Bhancha Set B” combo arrived and it was a platter full of goodies:  two steamed momos, a choice of curry (between chicken, mutton, fish, or vegetables) — we chose chicken, sautéed choi sum (vegetable), dal soup, rice, butter naan, salad, pickle (achar), and dessert (which was served later).  This was a really good deal for 120 HKD.  It was such a good variety of appetizers and a main with dessert too!

The dal soup was made with lentils and was SO delicious.  It was hearty and healthy.

The steamed momos tasted amazing.  The skin of the dumpling was so thin with the meat so tender.  There was a big family dining in who ordered three plates of just steamed momos!  That’s when you know the food is legit.  I’m so glad that this combo included a taster of these popular momos. 🙂  (Most recent experience of eating momos was at an Indian restaurant in Richmond Hill.)

The chicken curry wasn’t spicy at all.  Instead, the curry sauce was very creamy.  The chicken meat was all right.

The rice was a little mushy which reminded me of home-cooked rice.  The butter naan was good too.

I really liked the chopped up sautéed choi sum.  It provided more vegetables to the platter.

On the side, we ordered a serving of the Cucumber Raita (yogurt mixed with cucumber).  This was delicious and perfectly tarty.  It went so well with the meats and the meal in general.  I would eat some saucy meat and carb and then with a bite of cucumber raita in between.  It was perfect.

The Lamb Khukuri was a plate of tendered boneless lamb marinated in Nepali Khukhuri rum and Nepali herbs.  I wouldn’t say that this was a big portion but it was the perfect size for us that day.  The boneless lamb strips were marinated heavily with the sauce.  It went well with rice or naan.  I liked the dish while my mom was not a huge fan of the strong flavours.

Lastly, we enjoyed the Kulfi (Nepalese homemade ice cream) for dessert as part of the combo set.  The homemade ice cream was in cubes and eaten with a spoon.  The frozen ice cream was chewy and I’m not 100 percent sure of the flavour, but I think it was mango.  It was so delicious!  It was the ultimate ending to a great Nepalese lunch.

The prices were very reasonable, and we left feeling very satisfied and full.

I’m so glad that I was able to try this restaurant!  Manakamana Nepali Restaurant has many coveted rave reviews, and I can definitely see why they are the place to visit for some authentic Nepalese food.  When the local Nepalis eat at this restaurant, that is how you know the food is good quality.

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