Facial Sheet Mask Review: Happy Mask – Silky Luxe Diamond Brightening Face Mask

Does an overly super fancy name for a facial sheet mask like “Silky Luxe Diamond Brightening Face Mask” mean that it will be more effective? XD  This sheet mask is from the “Happy Mask” brand and made in Korea. 

Silky Luxe Diamond Brightening Face Mask boasts 10 ppm of pure diamond powder in each sheet mask for “intensive brightening and smoothing” effects on the skin and uses AquaPlux for “ultimate skin hydration”.  The silver cardboard box (with a giant sparkly diamond as the cover picture) contains 10 sheet masks, each with 27 mL worth of essence.  The sheet masks are free from parabens, colourants, mineral oil, and triethanolamine (TEA).

The sheet mask itself is 100 percent cellulose.  When I took it out of the silver pouch, the sheet mask was heavily drenched with essence so much so that one drop even dripped into my sink.  The sheet mask was so drenched that it was actually a bit slippery and hard to pull apart.

After placing it carefully on my face and adjusting it, I noticed that it had slid around a little bit and had slid off my face a little bit.  That’s a slight downside to all the essence; it was so slippery that the sheet mask wouldn’t hold up on my face.  I had to pull up the sheet mask more towards my forehead to prevent it from further sliding down.

The mask instructions called for the mask to stay on for 10 to 15 minutes before peeling it off.  It was super drenched with serum and I had more than enough leftover to spread it along my neck, arms, and legs.

Like usual, I left the mask on for more than an hour and when I pulled it off, I had enough essence on the damp sheet mask to wipe all over my body for extra hydration.

I can’t say that I could tell that my face brightened too much afterwards — it’s only one time of usage anyway; it’s too soon to tell.

Overall, I liked that the Silky Luxe Diamond Brightening Face Mask had more than enough essence for lots of hydration.  There also wasn’t any fragrance in this sheet mask (good or bad depending on if you like it smelling nice).

The downside to this sheet mask so far is that it was too slippery and didn’t stay on my face as well as I would have liked.  An easy solution is to take a quick nap with the sheet mask on so that you don’t have to worry about it sliding around your face.

The price was pretty good too.  The original price per box of ten is 188 HKD at Mannings.  I bought the box on sale for 79.90 HKD.

My face was supple the next morning and felt soft.  It is still a decent sheet mask despite the slipperiness.  I’ll have to try the rest of the box to see if it’s a better experience.

Update:  The mask is so slippery compared to other facial masks.  That’s the definite downside to this mask.


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