Beef & Liberty (Hong Kong airport)

This is the second time I’ve lined up for a restaurant inside of an airport. 😀 And it was worth it.

Beef & Liberty is a burger restaurant, but I didn’t line up to eat burgers. I just wanted a nice sit-down restaurant where I could eat and not worry about one handing a food tray with another on my pulley luggage. This is the downside of travelling alone; you got no one to look after your stuff while you eat at a food court, etc.

There were a few other dine-in choices in Terminal 1 after the Departures zone in the Hong Kong International Airport but they either seemed too pricey or not something I wanted to try.

The line-up wasn’t long at all. I probably waited only less than 5 minutes before my “table for one” came to fruition. I can also count on one hand the number of times I’ve eaten alone. It’s quite liberating and therapeutic in a way. I only need to focus on the food in front of me and the one voice that’s inside my head.

I would have preferred a one seater facing the whole of the restaurant so that I could people-watch generously but I was still content with my spot. I faced the menu board which changed itself every couple of minutes with promotional messages about their vegan selections or slogans.

The burger selection was massive (I only knew this was a burger restaurant when queuing in line XD). They had a lot of appetizers, sides, salads, and also all-day breakfast menus too.

My eyes immediately went to the items with a bright green frilly leaf decor to them. These items were vegan ones. I ended up choosing two vegan selections: the impossible chipotle burger and the impossible chili cheese fries. I had a hot water despite the amazing selection of booze and spirits I could have selected instead.

The food and even the hot water took an exorbitant amount of time to arrive. Why? One of the messages the changing board displayed was that good food is worth waiting for. So the restaurant knows that their wait times are longer than most. I recalled one item on the menu with a clock display (it denotes an item that takes less than 15 minutes to arrive).

At least when my cup of hot water arrived, I knew that my order wasn’t lost. When my food did arrive, both the side and burger arrived at the same time. I actually wouldn’t have minded if they came separately. By the time I finished the majority of the fries (because they taste terrible when they’re not hot anymore), my burger was semi-warm only.

The impossible chili cheese fries were pretty good but the star standout was the vegan cheese. The bright yellow circular part is the vegan cheese. I wish there was more of it as it was delicious. The vegan cheese tasted similar in texture to actual cheese but definitely didn’t have any of the heaviness associated with it. The vegan sour cream was also good. Fries were mediocre but crispy. The chili was really good as well.

The impossible Chipotle burger arrived alone in its own plate. It was pretty with an impossible patty, layer of guacamole, lettuce, mayo. The patty was very thick for a vegan patty and bled and oozed so well. It was such a good texture. It was more spicy due to the jalapenos than expected but it was tasty that way. It felt like eating an actual beef patty without the heaviness. I think the bun was vegan too. I liked how slightly chewy it was yet soft.

I had such a good time dining here. If I was more gluttonous, I would have ordered their Banofee pie too. 😀

The service here was as good as could be and the male server was very professional and courteous and spoke good English.

There wasn’t a line-up anymore when I left the restaurant.

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I'm a stenographer, foodie, avid traveller, and new mom who loves to share her experiences with the world.
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