Facial Sheet Mask Review: SNP Bird’s Nest Aqua Ampoule Mask

I’m pretty excited to try out this mask.  I’ve heard good things about it.  I’m actually surprised I didn’t try it earlier even though I had seen it already on the shelves when I bought the other masks I’ve tried and reviewed so far.  “SNP” stands for “Shining Nature Purity” and is a sheet mask brand from Korea.  This sheet mask uses the ingredient swiftlet nest extract and uses ampoule rather than just serum or essence.  Ampoule is a very concentrated essence.  There’s 25 mL in each sheet mask.  This particular package included 11 sheet masks (10 + 1) for a limited edition 11th anniversary celebration.

The packaging is a very shiny midnight blue, which makes it look so fancy and sophisticated.  The sheet mask pouch itself looks different from the packaging, something atypical from the other sheet mask brands I’ve used so far.  The sheet mask pouch had a depiction of the actual swiftlet bird and its nest.  Each sheet mask claims having “1,000 mg of the edible-nest swiftlet nest extract for concentrated moisturization and skin protection”.

The mask instructions called for the mask to be left on the face for 10 to 20 minutes.

When I pulled the sheet mask out of the pouch, it was nicely drenched with the ampoule.  There was enough essence inside the pouch for me to squeeze out of the pouch and lather on to my neck and arms.  There was a faint fragrant that smelled nice and “clean”.

The sheet mask adhered pretty well to my face.  The cutout areas at the nose and mouth were larger than I needed.

The sheet mask wasn’t dripping with essence but even at the 30-minute mark, it was still very damp and moist.  I was quite impressed.  It didn’t dry out fast at all.  The mask felt so cool against my face.

As usual, I left the mask on for longer than the suggested time.  I took it off after an hour.  My face was thoroughly moist and hydrated.  I used the remaining sheet mask to wipe all over my legs and neck (it left my dry legs feeling so smooth).  When I squeezed the sheet mask, lots of white-coloured essence came out which I used further for moisturizing.  This was different than other sheet masks where the squeezed out essence was usually transparent.

I enjoyed the quality ingredients in this sheet mask and would definitely re-buy again (especially since the brand is on sale right now at Mannings).


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