Facial Sheet Mask Review: Happy Mask – White Truffle Brightening Facial Mask

This sheet mask from Happy Mask called “White Truffle Brightening Facial Mask” smells super sweet and sugary!  I have it on right now as I’m writing this review. 

This sheet mask from Korea uses premium white truffle from Italy, lime fruit extract, and brightening niacinamide to smooth skin and fine lines to have it appear more radiant and humeinous.  The sheet mask is made with Tencel, a branded lyocell fiber.

The very cute and feminine-looking pink box with white truffles on it has only 5 sheet mask pouches inside (most of the sheet mask boxes I got have 10 in them).  I got two boxes for 69.90  HKD on sale at Mannings (the original price is 49.90 HKD per box).  It also contains AquaPlux for “ultimate skin hydration”.  This is my second time using a sheet mask from the Happy Mask brand.  So far, I like the coolness and sweet smelling sensation from this mask.  The instructions call for the mask to be placed on the face for 10 to 15 minutes.

I don’t know much about white truffles and the niacinamide ingredient, but from some preliminary research, it seems these two ingredients are the real deal when it comes to brightening in skin care.  However, although this package says that it contains white truffle essence and niacinamide, I don’t see either of these ingredients listed in the ingredient list.  I’m a bit wary that this brand contains any of the essence at all (or maybe it’s under a different name).  I’m not completely sure or convinced that this sheet mask really does what it says since there’s little to no aforementioned ingredient in the sheet mask.  If nothing else, this sheet mask proves to be a very great-smelling and cooling one.

After I put on the sheet mask, there was plenty of serum left inside the pouch.  Each pouch contains 25 mL of essence, so there was ample to smear on the rest of my face, neck, and arms.  The essence was more of a watery essence than some other brands, but it was still good quality.

The sheet mask adhered to my skin well, but I found that after I slathered on the rest of the essence, the mask slipped a little down.  Next time, I’ll have to make sure I align the eye holes to be higher so that it counteracts the slippage a bit.

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